heard it right....we are on vacation! The past few months have been very busy and trying and we realized that summer is coming VERY SOON! jam packed with ministry activities going on. So we found a week to be able to get away a little, visit and see our families, and get rejuvenated to get back to work again! Sunday evening we headed up to WV to see some of my family that were gathering at Grandma's for Memorial Day. It was great to see one of my cousins and his dear wife and daughter and also my uncle and aunt. My parents and sister live in that same town, so we crashed at their place. When we pulled into the drive, Isaac started calling for "Aunt Hollie". Of course that tickled her to pieces! Isaac is at the stage now where he remembers and recognizes who people are and is calling them by name. My cousin and his girls left right before we put Isaac down for a nap on Monday. As I was trying to get him to sleep, he kept saying "I play with Emma" It was too sweet. My mom got a great pic of the two of them on Isaac's "Harley" motorcycle. Hopefully I will be able to get a copy of it, it is too precious. So as of now we are in PA with Aaron's family. Everyone else is sleeping and I'm waiting on the diapers to get done in the washing machine so I can get them drying and head to bed ;) Hopefully some pics to come!