A Recap of May


Summary of Spring

Recently I have found that the easiest (and most fun) way for me to share pictures of our family is to make them into a movie!!  So without further delay, here is a fun look at our spring :-)


Moments to Melt A Mother's Heart

This past week we have seen a new visitor in our home: the Hand, Mouth, Foot virus. Each of the kids have taken their turn with the fever and overall feeling yucky. Right now, Isaac is currently battling a fever and headaches (which is something new to us). We have been praying and encouraging the kids to pray that "God would touch Isaac and make him feel better".
Through these two days of Isaac taking his turn with the virus, there have been a few things that have melted this mommy's heart.
 ~ hearing my two year old little girl praying over her brother (without any prompting) that God would make him feel better and take care of his fever.
 ~ hearing her prayers mature out of the "God is great, God is good" memorized prayer to adding in her two cents worth ;-)
~Isaac crying and asking me why God had not made his head feel better yet :-(
~ Seeing Isaac start to bounce around on the couch, talking about this and that. When I commented that I thought God had touched him and he was feeling better, Isaac's response was "Cool! God touched my head mommy and made me feel better!"

 What beautiful childlike faith. May we all believe in our Heavenly Father and His great love for us.


We Interrupt This Blogging Break . . .

Well, it has been longer than I thought it would be before I got my next post out.  Let's just say I am taking an unexpectedly long break from blogging.  I do miss it, it is just one of those things in my life that is not on top of the priority list.  There are other things that I feel like I need to be doing when I get a few minutes of quiet. My potential blogging time is also very limited due to the fact that the kids need to be sleeping because of where the computer is set up for blogging. (In the quiet basement away from normal activities :-)  But I have about 10 potential posts running through my head, and I hope to get back to it really soon.  I do enjoy it and enjoy sharing with you all how our family is doing! So with that said,  here are a few updated pics of my adorable sweeties.  I love them so much and they amaze me everyday.  

Sweet Hannah Joy ~ 7 months




Just For Fun





This kid cracks me up.  He can be such a goof.  This was totally a “Look at me mom, I’m falling off the couch!” He is such a sweetheart though, and looking at that smile makes me melt.  I’m going to be the one sitting on the front porch with the shotgun when the girls come calling ;-)

He is such a good big brother, and adores his little sister.  He is their protector, even though he loves to push Miriam’s buttons.  (which he does quite often!)  He has recently started calling Hannah his “sweet pumpkin”.





Miriam has moved up to a big girl bed now and LOVES it!  She is one happy girl and growing up way too fast! She is often on the dramatic side (insert mother’s deep sigh here), but her big brown puppy dog eyes make her absolutely adorable. 

This girl is constantly in motion and runs all over the house, even just to go to her room.  She does not know what it means to walk :)  Everything is in high speed.  Here is a prime example.  Jumping off one of the toys at a play place.DSCF1724




My sweet baby girl!! She is all smiles and laughter!  She is so incredibly happy all the time and quite the little social butterfly! She will look anyone in the eyes and smile and “talk”.  She has melted this momma’s heart with her sweet temperament.


Since Big Sister moved up to a big girl bed, Hannah got to move out of the bassinet and into a crib!  She had started sleeping through the night a while back, but recently had started to go backwards a little.  As soon as we moved her into her crib, she started sleeping a few extra hours at night!  (And has been sleeping a solid 8-9 hours at night now)Yipeee!  Here is her first night in her own bed!


Our little girl on her 4 month birthday!


Creation: Part 2


Isaac is 43 months

Miriam is 26 months

Circle Time


We have been starting off our times together by reading our Bible story for the week, working on our memory verse, and singing songs relating to the theme for the week.  The kids and I both love this time, and it is so neat to sit down with my kids and tell them stories from the Bible and explain it to them!   Isaac and Miriam love music and so does Mommy!  I would love to learn to play the guitar and be able to lead them in worship during these special times in the morning.  (A goal for mommy to work on, in my spare time ;-)




Creation Activities


On day 4, God made the sun, moon, and stars.  So to help us learn that, the kids painted some wooden stars that I had picked up from a craft store a few years back!


I found these in my craft bin and was so excited that I had them! 


This was their first time painting and they loved it!


We then used some of the stars to work on counting and number recognition.  I told Isaac to put the correct number of stars “underneath” each number.  Well, he did exactly that!  It wasn’t quite what I meant, but hey, he followed directions!  (He also wanted to put the paper stars on top of the wooden ones!)


The he had fun standing the fat wooden stars up.


We also had fun with a creation clothespin game from Hubbard’s Cupboard.


I printed the pictures off of their website, cut them out, and glued the smaller pictures to clothespins.  Isaac then clipped the smaller pictures onto the bigger pictures that matched!


He was quite proud of his work and had lots of fun doing it!


We also sorted animals that flew and animals that swam in water. 


I also found some foam stars and flowers in my craft bin!  They were perfect to add to our creation week!  Isaac sorted the stars from the flowers.  Another option was to sort them by color also. 


Miriam had lots of fun playing with this and poured the shapes back and forth between the cups.  I showed her the difference between the flower and the star and tried to get her to sort them, but she was much more interested in just dumping them out.  ;-)




Creation Sensory Bin


I am so excited about this sensory bin and the kids loved it!  They had so much fun playing with it and it held their attention for a LONG time!



Included in our sensory bin was:

  • Day 1 ~  Light and Darkness:  some electronic candles from the dollar tree
  • Day 2 ~  Separated the Waters:  rice dyed blue to represent water
  • Day 3  ~  Land and Vegetation:  Tree figures, some strange grassy feeling round things from the Dollar Tree ;-) and some foam flowers
  • Day 4 ~ Sun, Moon, and Stars:  the stars that the kids painted earlier in the week
  • Day 5  ~  Animals of the Sky and Sea:  some plastic water animals from the Dollar Tree
  • Day 6  ~  Animals of the Land and Man:  Dinosaurs from the Dollar Tree (I didn’t have anything to represent man)
  • Day 7  ~  Rest (I thought about putting in a bed from a dollhouse they had)


I gave each of the kids a cookie sheet to spread their treasures out on.  Isaac decided that each of his sea animals needed some rice.  Haha!


Other Fun Stuff


I originally got this idea from Carisa at 1+1+1=1.  I made circles out of pipe cleaners and painted the ends of the clothespins to match the colors of the pipes.  Isaac then matched up the colors.  ;-)


Miriam had fun playing with the wooden magnetic blocks.  She mostly liked taking them out of their bin and onto her tray and back again.



Just Because


I absolutely LOVE this pic of my two girls!  It is too cute!


DSCF1379Hannah is all smiles these days!  I love it!


DSCF1363 I had to throw this one in.  Here are two of my cuties and Miriam in her cowgirl boots! 


We had the chance last week to go and visit my family in WV for a few days.  Isaac got to ride on the tractor with Grandpa!



Hannah hanging out with Grandpa.

DSCF1496Hannah all comfy with Aunt Hollie.


To see what other moms are doing in Tot School this week, check out the official Tot School blog!

Linking up to Tot School and Preschool Corner.




My Cuties











Creation: Part 1


Isaac is 43 months

Miriam is 26 months


My first Tot School/Preschool post of the new school year!!!  Hooray!  I’m starting to get into the routine of things again with the precious addition of Hannah to our family.  We have “unofficially” been doing Tot School on and off this summer, but now we are getting a bit more serious and organized. (Which this mommy thrives on!)  This will also be my first time linking up to the Preschool Corner with Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations!  I can’t believe how quickly the time is flying by! Isaac is 3 1/2 and it just blows my mind! 

  This week was our first week back, and unfortunately, the camera was at Aaron’s office most of the week :(  So I have VERY few pictures from this week.  But I am happy to say that the camera is back home now and I found the cord (again ;-)  to get the pictures downloaded. 


Circle Time

We are beginning are time with “Circle Time”  where we pray, read our Bible story for the week, and sing a mix of “Bible songs” as Isaac likes to call them and also hymns that tie in with our story focus for the week.  We also play our instruments while we sing, which the kids LOVE! Eventually, in the next few weeks, we’ll also be adding in calendar time to this.  A Few of our songs that we learned this week were:

  • God Made Me
  • He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands
  • All Creatures of Our God and King 



Fun Play


Our Bible story this week was on Creation.  We also focused on colors and number recognition (1-3).   Here Isaac and Miriam were practicing drawing the #1 in a plate of flour.   Um yea. . . . it got a little messy.  But thankfully it was very easy to clean ;-)  Our color for that day was “white”.


On the 1st Day of Creation, God created light and made “night” and “day”.  Here Isaac is sorting cards as to whether the pictures depicts night or day.  He caught on really quickly with this. 



Since we were also focusing on the #1, we played this easy and fun game with an egg carton and some printed numbers that helped with number recognition.  We placed a number/letter in each section, put a button object in the carton, closed the lid, shook it up, and then opened it to see what letter or number our button had landed on.  This would also be a great activity to use for graphing.  I might have to try that this week with Isaac!


And this is what our sweet Hannah was up to during Tot School.  :)



This week we also;

  • put blue shampoo in ziploc bags and let them practice writing the #2.  (I also drew a barely recognizable Bob and Larry, and Jr. Asparagus, at Isaac’s request ;-)
  • worked on Animal lacing cards
  • played with our magnetic color cubes (a few times!)
  • played Candy Land (again, a few times!)
  • went and gathered leaves, grass, and flowers in our boxes as we learned about the 3rd day of Creation
  • watched a LeapFrog video (Love those!)
  • and read quite a bit!


Our Resources:


This year I will be pulling from a few different places to get my main ideas for our school times.  I have also intentionally limited my “surfing” of other early childhood education sites just for the purpose of guarding my time.  I could spent ALOT of time looking up online for fun things to do with my kids, but I don’t feel I would be a good steward of my time.  Plus it keeps things simpler for me, and we always have PLENTY to do! 


  •  Hubbard’s Cupboard:  I sweet lady from church sent me this link a few months back and as soon as I saw it, I thought, this is what we are doing this year! The 3 year old curriculum is based on a Bible story each week.  The majority of activities for the week are based off of the Bible story that you are learning.   Incorporated in this is also learning a letter a week, along with shapes, colors, numbers, etc.  Everything is laid out for you, including an overview of the year, lesson plans, and all the links needed for all the activities.  All the activities pictured this week are from Hubbard’s Cupboard.  :-) 




  •  Letter of the Week Curriculum:  We are going to be using this again this year along with Hubbard’s Cupboard.  These two combined will be making of the bulk of what we do.  This will be Miriam’s first time going through it, and I will be stepping things up a bit for Isaac (probably right after Miriam goes down for a nap ;-)   

Letter of the Week badge 



  • 1+1+1=1:  So here is to the website that started me on this journey :)  Over a year ago Aaron and I had been talking about being more intentional about teaching Isaac.  One night I was searching for early childhood resources and “ran across” this treasure.  It has been such a blessing.  She has tons of great ideas and free printables that I will be using from time to time.




  • Homeschool Creations:  I will be supplementing with some of the fun free printables that Jolanthe has on her blog.  We will also be linking up to her Preschool Corner too!


Coming Up . . .

Hopefully at least more pictures!!  We will be doing Days 3-7 of Creation with lots of fun activities.  I’m on my way to gather my supplies for the week as soon as I finish this!  I’ve also got a Creation Sensory bin planned too! I’m sure I will be more excited about it than the kids! 


To see what other moms are doing in Tot School and Preschool Corner this week, click on the buttons to check out the official sites!



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