This kid cracks me up.  He can be such a goof.  This was totally a “Look at me mom, I’m falling off the couch!” He is such a sweetheart though, and looking at that smile makes me melt.  I’m going to be the one sitting on the front porch with the shotgun when the girls come calling ;-)

He is such a good big brother, and adores his little sister.  He is their protector, even though he loves to push Miriam’s buttons.  (which he does quite often!)  He has recently started calling Hannah his “sweet pumpkin”.





Miriam has moved up to a big girl bed now and LOVES it!  She is one happy girl and growing up way too fast! She is often on the dramatic side (insert mother’s deep sigh here), but her big brown puppy dog eyes make her absolutely adorable. 

This girl is constantly in motion and runs all over the house, even just to go to her room.  She does not know what it means to walk :)  Everything is in high speed.  Here is a prime example.  Jumping off one of the toys at a play place.DSCF1724




My sweet baby girl!! She is all smiles and laughter!  She is so incredibly happy all the time and quite the little social butterfly! She will look anyone in the eyes and smile and “talk”.  She has melted this momma’s heart with her sweet temperament.


Since Big Sister moved up to a big girl bed, Hannah got to move out of the bassinet and into a crib!  She had started sleeping through the night a while back, but recently had started to go backwards a little.  As soon as we moved her into her crib, she started sleeping a few extra hours at night!  (And has been sleeping a solid 8-9 hours at night now)Yipeee!  Here is her first night in her own bed!


Our little girl on her 4 month birthday!