Spring Is In the Air

The Lord has blessed us with a wonderful little home that we were able to buy and move in right before Christmas last year. It has been exciting this spring to see all the flowers, bushes and trees as they have started blooming. We live a stone's throw from a city park, which Annette and Isaac walk to frequently. Our neighborhood is absolutely beautiful in the spring with all the dogwoods in bloom. About two weeks ago, while all this was in its prime, they predicted a frost and were warning everyone to cover up their flowers. So before our neighborhood lost all its color I went around taking pictures while on my walk. Thankfully the frost was minor and didn't hurt any of the plants and trees. Here are some pictures of our house and yard.

The following pictures are of the park that is close to our house. There are lots of swings and slides and a nice walking area around it. I'm sure Isaac will enjoy it more as he gets older.



I am amazed at how much out little guy is growing! Even though I am with him 24/7 I can still see this miracle take place. The Lord has been so gracious to us and I am constantly thanking Him for the blessing He has given us in Isaac. Even when I seem to have a rough time adjusting to mommyhood, the Lord surrounds me and I am overwhelmed at how precious our little boy is. He is truly a gift. He is becoming more alert each day and more responsive to us as we talk and play with him. He loves his swing and has now within the past few weeks started staring intently at the mobile whenever we turn it on. It is so fun to watch him explore his surroundings. Here are some more pics of our cutie.

Bathtime is fun :)

Last week we had one of our hottest days this season. We were trying to conserve energy and not turn the air on in the house, so little guy was chilling out in his diaper. We looks quite cool and comfortable.

Up until last week, Isaac would almost immediately fall asleep as soon as Aaron would put the car into drive. It's been fun seeing him awake and watching him gaze out the window as we are riding in the car. He is a good little traveler, which is a good thing for us since we are always on the go!

This pic was taken after we had gone to a Sunday School class supper and he had many "aunties" holding him.

A stroll in the park on a slightly cool spring day. He looks pretty cozy.



Here is a proud Aunt Hollie (Annette's sister) holding Isaac.

This one is of Isaac in his favorite sleeping position. I have no idea how this is comfortable. That hump in the middle is his knee. :)

Aaron said after having Isaac home that first week that being a daddy was more exhausting than seminary. hehe

Being a parent is the most amazing things in the world.


Where do I begin

So much has happened since the last time I posted. I'm sure that anyone who had been checking in on our blog has long since stopped. Since last November we have bought a beautiful little home, Annette has given birth to our first son, Isaac James, and has been officially a cancer survivor. I keep waiting for a little less stress in our lives and somehow it never quite happens. :) Although it is quite funny and probably won't happen, I somehow feel like next Monday my life might return to normal and I can get back into my routine.

Isaac James was born on February 11 after almost 24 hours of labor and then by a S-Cection. Labor had been induced because of some stubbornly high blood pressure and then we had to make the decision for a C-section after things stopped progressing. It's amazing how you can't quite remember life without him. Each day is truly a gift from God and this child of His gets more precious every day. He is more and more alert each day and is sleeping amazing well at night to which we are very thankful. In this picture here he is being held by his Grandpa Williamson.

During the C-Section a cyst was removed that turned out to be cancerous. God in His mercy chose for it to be revealed at this time for it had been there almost 5 years. I am amazed how God is in the details. My primary OB, who is a good Christian man, was the one to deliver Isaac. He told us later that he almost threw out the cyst b/c he didn't think it was anything. We had prayed with our doctor before the decision was made about the C-Section that the Lord's will would be done. We believe it was the prompting of the Holy Spirit for him to have sent the cyst off to be tested. The Lord has given us a wonderful peace knowing that we are in His care and that it is going to be OK! He has laid it on my heart that instead of being worried or fearful about things I do not know, to trust in the One I do know!! The Lord is a faithful God who can be trusted in all areas of our lives. We give him glory for his mercy and loves towards us and for His healing. I had to go back for surgery this past Wednesday, they wanted to remove the tissue that was around the cyst to make sure they had gotten all the cancer. The report came back Friday that all is clear! Thank you Jesus! We give Him praise and glory!

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