The Lord has blessed us with a wonderful little home that we were able to buy and move in right before Christmas last year. It has been exciting this spring to see all the flowers, bushes and trees as they have started blooming. We live a stone's throw from a city park, which Annette and Isaac walk to frequently. Our neighborhood is absolutely beautiful in the spring with all the dogwoods in bloom. About two weeks ago, while all this was in its prime, they predicted a frost and were warning everyone to cover up their flowers. So before our neighborhood lost all its color I went around taking pictures while on my walk. Thankfully the frost was minor and didn't hurt any of the plants and trees. Here are some pictures of our house and yard.

The following pictures are of the park that is close to our house. There are lots of swings and slides and a nice walking area around it. I'm sure Isaac will enjoy it more as he gets older.