I am amazed at how much out little guy is growing! Even though I am with him 24/7 I can still see this miracle take place. The Lord has been so gracious to us and I am constantly thanking Him for the blessing He has given us in Isaac. Even when I seem to have a rough time adjusting to mommyhood, the Lord surrounds me and I am overwhelmed at how precious our little boy is. He is truly a gift. He is becoming more alert each day and more responsive to us as we talk and play with him. He loves his swing and has now within the past few weeks started staring intently at the mobile whenever we turn it on. It is so fun to watch him explore his surroundings. Here are some more pics of our cutie.

Bathtime is fun :)

Last week we had one of our hottest days this season. We were trying to conserve energy and not turn the air on in the house, so little guy was chilling out in his diaper. We looks quite cool and comfortable.

Up until last week, Isaac would almost immediately fall asleep as soon as Aaron would put the car into drive. It's been fun seeing him awake and watching him gaze out the window as we are riding in the car. He is a good little traveler, which is a good thing for us since we are always on the go!

This pic was taken after we had gone to a Sunday School class supper and he had many "aunties" holding him.

A stroll in the park on a slightly cool spring day. He looks pretty cozy.