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Big Boy Toys



A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to ride in a BIG truck!  One of the gentlemen that attends our church works for a big trucking company and had one of the trucks for the weekend.  He took us, along with another special family, for a truck ride.   It is amazing the technology that is now available for truckers, including cameras that act as side view mirrors.  Our friend J rode in the co-pilot seat while his parents and our family of four ride in the back part of the cab!  There was plenty of room! 


The kids loved it, especially Isaac.


The expression on Miriam’s face cracks me up! She looks like she’s not quite too sure about this.


Isaac studying the wheels.


We enjoyed a wonderful evening with these two families and ended it with a delicious steak supper.  Yum! 

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A Week in the HEat

This past week I had the privilege to be the counselor for our girls at Jr. church camp.  We had eight precious girls from our church that went, ages ranging from 8-12.  We got to stay in one of the “cool” new log cabins and had the best time.  There was alot of giggling going on and they all had a great time.  The Lord really ministered to hearts through out the week and especially on Wednesday evening. I had the opportunity to pray with some that were dealing with some rough issues in their very young lives.  It was a wonderful week (despite the crazy heat!  Everybody loved swim time!) 


We got to camp on Monday morning.  I had my kiddos with me at the time.  They hung out with us until Tuesday afternoon when Aaron took them to WV to stay with Grandma and Grandpa for a few days :)



Isaac had a great time at camp the short time they were there.  And the girls loved them!




Isaac was after S’s ice cream cone ;)



Pac and Plays are a great invention!!!  A great bed away from home!DSCF5961


Mr. Cool with A’s sunglasses on.



Miss Miriam cheering them on during the Wet and Wild games.



Yes, Yes,  we did get the Dirty Sock Award one day.  The Counselor (Ahem..) didn’t hear the alarm clock and so we didn’t wake up until it was um….time to meet at the flag pole.  Ooops….


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Tot School

Update Note:  I am so upset with myself!! I was trying to navigate my way around LiveWriter and trying to save a template and accidently messed up this post!!  So I no longer have any of the pictures or commentary :(  

Isaac is 28 months
Miriam is 11 months






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Changes Coming

Just wanted to give you all a head's up about some changes coming to our blog!  Over time our blog has evolved some and so I'm making some changes to keep up with that. The original intent and purpose of our blog was to keep friends and family up to date with what all we've been up to!  This is still my main purpose!!  There are some other great things that have happened that weren't initially planned. For starters  it is a great way for me to document and keep a record of our life and ministry!  I've also been expanding into the world of  Tot School and eventually preschool and prayfully homeschool! It has been a great way for me to connect with other Christian moms with young children and see all the fun things they are doing with their Tots.  This is really the main reason for the upcoming changes.  With this connection, our blog is getting alot more traffic!  I feel that I need to be responsible in this and keep my family's safety in mind.  The internet is a wonderful thing, but there are people on here that can use it for their own twisted purposes.  So with all that said, I am changing our blog name to Life of a Pastor's Wife (I'm the only one that blogs anyway, so I guess it would be safe to call it "my" blog, that's what Aaron calls it anyway hehe)  This way our last name will not be found on the blog and I am also getting rid of any information on here that would make it easy to find us, such as denominational information (which makes me kind of sad :-(  I know some moms even use nicknames for their children instead of using their given names.  I have decided to still use our first names and keep all other identifying information very general.  So thanks for your patience, it might be a little while before all this transition is complete.  I need to change the Header since it still has the original blog title, but the program I used to make it was on the computer that died :-P  So this might be a slower process than I would like.   

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A New Addition to our Tot School Toys

Tot School

Isaac is 28 months
Miriam is 10 months
 DSCF5685 (2)
This week was a little crazy around our house.  We had extra activities going on during the daytime this week that made it a little more challenging.  We didn’t get as much Tot School time in, but that is OK.  Aaron was preaching a funeral Monday for a dear woman who has many family members in our church.  I worked things around at home so we were able to be there to support this precious family and Aaron. 

DSCF5680 (2)
DSCF5678 (2)

I made a trip to Wal-Mart and was so excited to find this pocket chart at a great price!!!  So far we have just used it for matching games. Isaac continually goes and pulls it out to play with it, and I am more than happy to let him!  The first day we used our zoo animal cards that I had made out of bulletin board borders.  He did a great job and matched them all up the first time around.  He is so meticulous, each time he wanted to put the card “behind” the first one instead of beside.  Whatever works!

DSCF5698 (2)
I love his face in this picture!!

DSCF5704 (2)
On this particular day, I had made some ABC Cards out of two posters that I got at the Dollar Tree!  I bought matching posters, cut out the cards, and laminated them.  They work perfect and are so pretty and colorful!

DSCF5705 (2)  
I was also happy to find that the pocket chart came with its own set of ABC cards and pictures to match up!  I didn’t realize this until I started to get it out of the packaging.  What a fun surprise! 

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Visit with Family

Memorial Day in West Virginia
Every fifth Sunday we do not have an evening service at church. So after church we finished packing, loaded the van, strapped the kids in and headed to WV! Some of my family was meeting at my Grandma's for Memorial Day. We had a great time visiting with my parents, sister, grandma, uncle, aunt, cousin and his wife and daughter. As is common with me, I had run out of batteries for my camera, so therefore I do not have many pics from this part of our travels. I had to borrow some rechargeable batteries from my parents to take these couple of pics and then give the batteries back! (I did get this "problem" fixed and bought some rechargeable batteries as soon as we made it to PA. I just go through the disposable ones way too fast!! I love taking pictures ;)

Here is my Grandma Williamson, Isaac, Miriam, and my mom :-)

Grandpa Williamson (my dad) and Isaac

On to PA

We left WV on Tuesday after lunch and headed to Mamie and Papaw Withrow's. We did alot of relaxing the first couple of days and got to see some family too. We were planning on staying through the weekend, but due to an unexpected death in the church, we left Saturday to come back.

Celebrating Grandma's Birthday

We celebrated Grandma West's birthday (Aaron's maternal grandmother) a few days early since we were in town. I thought this was the coolest looking cake!

Miriam learning to walk with Aunt Carrie's help :-)

This pic cracks me up! I wish I had a better angle when I took this pic because Miriam's face is hilarious! To add to it is Isaac's crazy Elmo hat!

Cousin Sara and Miriam

A Day at Roger's

We went to Roger's Flea Market (not sure where it was, I only know it was about an hour's drive!) It was the biggest flea market I had been to in years! We stopped at a yard sale on the way there and found some great stuff for the kids: a practically brand new pack and play for $15, some cute clothes, and a really cute Sesame Street Train set. We spent $25 at the Yard Sale and then another $25 at the flea market. We came home with a huge stack of children's books we got for $1, a bag of toy cars for $5, some heavy duty Tonka trucks for Isaac, and 2 of the cutest outfits for Miriam! We were quite pleased with our treasures!

Time with Mamie and Papaw

Sleeping Beauty

Reading a "choo-choo" book with Papaw.

I'm not sure how I timed it right, but both kids were waving at the same time. They were getting ready to take off for another round.

Miriam's first ride on the 4-wheeler with Papaw :-)

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Fun Around the House

She makes some of the cutest faces! She loves sticking out her tongue too!

My little man :) (On his Harley with his hat ;)

Precious girl! She makes me smile

Playing outside with the bubbles

Here he is trying to put the wand in his pocket!

He's got the best smile in the world!

Isaac had put the clothes basket on top of Miriam and then sat back and watched her cry! Those two are something else together!

My beautiful girl!

After their nap, the kids eat their snack in the kitchen while I am getting supper ready.

Daddy and his kids

Miriam eating her first watermelon!

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