Just wanted to give you all a head's up about some changes coming to our blog!  Over time our blog has evolved some and so I'm making some changes to keep up with that. The original intent and purpose of our blog was to keep friends and family up to date with what all we've been up to!  This is still my main purpose!!  There are some other great things that have happened that weren't initially planned. For starters  it is a great way for me to document and keep a record of our life and ministry!  I've also been expanding into the world of  Tot School and eventually preschool and prayfully homeschool! It has been a great way for me to connect with other Christian moms with young children and see all the fun things they are doing with their Tots.  This is really the main reason for the upcoming changes.  With this connection, our blog is getting alot more traffic!  I feel that I need to be responsible in this and keep my family's safety in mind.  The internet is a wonderful thing, but there are people on here that can use it for their own twisted purposes.  So with all that said, I am changing our blog name to Life of a Pastor's Wife (I'm the only one that blogs anyway, so I guess it would be safe to call it "my" blog, that's what Aaron calls it anyway hehe)  This way our last name will not be found on the blog and I am also getting rid of any information on here that would make it easy to find us, such as denominational information (which makes me kind of sad :-(  I know some moms even use nicknames for their children instead of using their given names.  I have decided to still use our first names and keep all other identifying information very general.  So thanks for your patience, it might be a little while before all this transition is complete.  I need to change the Header since it still has the original blog title, but the program I used to make it was on the computer that died :-P  So this might be a slower process than I would like.