This past week I had the privilege to be the counselor for our girls at Jr. church camp.  We had eight precious girls from our church that went, ages ranging from 8-12.  We got to stay in one of the “cool” new log cabins and had the best time.  There was alot of giggling going on and they all had a great time.  The Lord really ministered to hearts through out the week and especially on Wednesday evening. I had the opportunity to pray with some that were dealing with some rough issues in their very young lives.  It was a wonderful week (despite the crazy heat!  Everybody loved swim time!) 


We got to camp on Monday morning.  I had my kiddos with me at the time.  They hung out with us until Tuesday afternoon when Aaron took them to WV to stay with Grandma and Grandpa for a few days :)



Isaac had a great time at camp the short time they were there.  And the girls loved them!




Isaac was after S’s ice cream cone ;)



Pac and Plays are a great invention!!!  A great bed away from home!DSCF5961


Mr. Cool with A’s sunglasses on.



Miss Miriam cheering them on during the Wet and Wild games.



Yes, Yes,  we did get the Dirty Sock Award one day.  The Counselor (Ahem..) didn’t hear the alarm clock and so we didn’t wake up until it was um….time to meet at the flag pole.  Ooops….