Creation: Part 2


Isaac is 43 months

Miriam is 26 months

Circle Time


We have been starting off our times together by reading our Bible story for the week, working on our memory verse, and singing songs relating to the theme for the week.  The kids and I both love this time, and it is so neat to sit down with my kids and tell them stories from the Bible and explain it to them!   Isaac and Miriam love music and so does Mommy!  I would love to learn to play the guitar and be able to lead them in worship during these special times in the morning.  (A goal for mommy to work on, in my spare time ;-)




Creation Activities


On day 4, God made the sun, moon, and stars.  So to help us learn that, the kids painted some wooden stars that I had picked up from a craft store a few years back!


I found these in my craft bin and was so excited that I had them! 


This was their first time painting and they loved it!


We then used some of the stars to work on counting and number recognition.  I told Isaac to put the correct number of stars “underneath” each number.  Well, he did exactly that!  It wasn’t quite what I meant, but hey, he followed directions!  (He also wanted to put the paper stars on top of the wooden ones!)


The he had fun standing the fat wooden stars up.


We also had fun with a creation clothespin game from Hubbard’s Cupboard.


I printed the pictures off of their website, cut them out, and glued the smaller pictures to clothespins.  Isaac then clipped the smaller pictures onto the bigger pictures that matched!


He was quite proud of his work and had lots of fun doing it!


We also sorted animals that flew and animals that swam in water. 


I also found some foam stars and flowers in my craft bin!  They were perfect to add to our creation week!  Isaac sorted the stars from the flowers.  Another option was to sort them by color also. 


Miriam had lots of fun playing with this and poured the shapes back and forth between the cups.  I showed her the difference between the flower and the star and tried to get her to sort them, but she was much more interested in just dumping them out.  ;-)




Creation Sensory Bin


I am so excited about this sensory bin and the kids loved it!  They had so much fun playing with it and it held their attention for a LONG time!



Included in our sensory bin was:

  • Day 1 ~  Light and Darkness:  some electronic candles from the dollar tree
  • Day 2 ~  Separated the Waters:  rice dyed blue to represent water
  • Day 3  ~  Land and Vegetation:  Tree figures, some strange grassy feeling round things from the Dollar Tree ;-) and some foam flowers
  • Day 4 ~ Sun, Moon, and Stars:  the stars that the kids painted earlier in the week
  • Day 5  ~  Animals of the Sky and Sea:  some plastic water animals from the Dollar Tree
  • Day 6  ~  Animals of the Land and Man:  Dinosaurs from the Dollar Tree (I didn’t have anything to represent man)
  • Day 7  ~  Rest (I thought about putting in a bed from a dollhouse they had)


I gave each of the kids a cookie sheet to spread their treasures out on.  Isaac decided that each of his sea animals needed some rice.  Haha!


Other Fun Stuff


I originally got this idea from Carisa at 1+1+1=1.  I made circles out of pipe cleaners and painted the ends of the clothespins to match the colors of the pipes.  Isaac then matched up the colors.  ;-)


Miriam had fun playing with the wooden magnetic blocks.  She mostly liked taking them out of their bin and onto her tray and back again.



Just Because


I absolutely LOVE this pic of my two girls!  It is too cute!


DSCF1379Hannah is all smiles these days!  I love it!


DSCF1363 I had to throw this one in.  Here are two of my cuties and Miriam in her cowgirl boots! 


We had the chance last week to go and visit my family in WV for a few days.  Isaac got to ride on the tractor with Grandpa!



Hannah hanging out with Grandpa.

DSCF1496Hannah all comfy with Aunt Hollie.


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My Cuties










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