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Along Came September

The months have been flying by. Miriam turned 2 months in September. She is continually more alert and sleeping less during the day. In September we really started to settle into a routine, with the Grandma's back home and us being home from our family vacation. Isaac seemed to easily adjust again to it being just us at home during the day, with the addition of his sister. One of the things I was most concerned about with him was both kids would be sleeping in the same bedroom. I wasn't sure how this would work out, but Isaac and Miriam have done wonderful. Isaac sleeps through Miriam's crying and Miriam sleeps through Isaac's talking. They are quite a pair!She's so cute you just want to eat her up!

Resting so peaceful.


Bath time =)

She's waving hello!

Isaac and his sax

I think Miriam likes to sleep in Grandma Williamson's arms. I don't think I have a picture of her awake with Grandma.

He is too funny. He loves the telephone. He is such a ham!

Thankfully he loves books and being read to! We get good use out of our library card!

I love her expression in this pic. Too sweet!

Grandpa Williamson and Isaac

Trying to help his sister escape. hehe He loves anything with knobs, switches, or buttons! I think we may have a mechanic on our hands.

Sweet sweet girl

One day I walked in and Isaac had put the Boppy pillow around his waist. A simple reminder that they are watching and learning!

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A Few More August Pics

While the house is quiet and everyone is asleep I figure I will go ahead and post some more pics from this last August. Eventually I will get up to date, but some of these were just so cute I wanted to share.

Isaac's first time eating a banana whole, without mommy cutting it into pieces. He didn't do too bad!

Our little sweetheart =)

He loves this crazy saxophone! We went to a consignment store and out of all the toys, this was the one he reached for. He loves it! He will dance around whenever it plays a song.

Isaac and Daddy playing with his slide outside.

Aunt Hollie and Miriam

Say Cheese =)

This crazy kid loves pancakes and waffles!!!

Miriam watching her brother eat his waffle

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On the way Home

On our way home from vacation, we traveled through West Virginia. We stopped in on my cousin Nathan and his family and then spent the night with my parents. It was a great ending to a wonderful vacation. :)Isaac hanging out with his cousin Emma.

Miriam's all snuggly with Grandma Williamson.


Rainy Days

After a very dry summer, I have enjoyed the rainy days we have had so far this fall. There is something very peaceful about a drizzling rain as it replenishes the ground and brings life back into our plants and grass. It is the best weather to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea (or coffee, whatever your preference :) On one of our recent rainy days, Isaac decided he had had enough of staying inside and shot out the front door as soon as it was opened. We decided to go ahead and let him play. It was his first time playing in the rain and he easily found a small water puddle on our front stoop. He absolutely loved it. It was precious to see him with his face towards the sky and his eyelids blinking as he experienced the water hitting his face. It is the simple things in life that sometimes brings the most joy.

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