Well, it has been longer than I thought it would be before I got my next post out.  Let's just say I am taking an unexpectedly long break from blogging.  I do miss it, it is just one of those things in my life that is not on top of the priority list.  There are other things that I feel like I need to be doing when I get a few minutes of quiet. My potential blogging time is also very limited due to the fact that the kids need to be sleeping because of where the computer is set up for blogging. (In the quiet basement away from normal activities :-)  But I have about 10 potential posts running through my head, and I hope to get back to it really soon.  I do enjoy it and enjoy sharing with you all how our family is doing! So with that said,  here are a few updated pics of my adorable sweeties.  I love them so much and they amaze me everyday.  

Sweet Hannah Joy ~ 7 months