From Summer to Fall

So as I am sitting here and my computer has successfully been running for more than 10 min. (Yippeee!) I'm wondering if I should post on what all we have been up to this summer or just start from here and go forward. We have had an exciting summer and now we are already smack dab in the middle of fall. I love this time of year with the cooler weather, fall colors, football and soup :) and can't forget the sweaters and mittens. So as we look forward to the good things the Lord has in store, here is just a quick glance back over the warmer days of summer.

The summer got into full swing with our Jr. and Sr. camps. Isaac was such a trooper and we had two blessed weeks. From there I started teaching the youth Sunday School class beginning in July. I have had a burden on my heart for the youth for some time and there came an opening to teach their sunday school class. So after praying I felt like it was right to take that position. It has been a good few months of teaching and I feel like the youth are growing and beginning to have daily quiet time with the Lord. Along those same lines, the Lord has placed women's ministry on my heart for a few years now along with discipliship, so this year I have had the opportunity to combine the two! After more prayer, Aaron and I felt it was time to start a ladies discipleship group and we prayed about which ladies to ask. The first 4 that I asked all said yes and it has been a great journey. The Lord has knit the hearts of these ladies together as we have cried and shared life together and are growing in Him. It has been amazing to see the Lord working in our midst.

Home Missions Project
Later this summer we had the fun opportunity to host the Atlantic District Home Missions Project at our church. We had close to 20 youth come in from PA, WV, and VA along with our own youth. Each day they had evangelism training, went door to door inviting people to church, and helped to plan a carnival for Saturday. The youth stayed in the homes of our church members and each evening we had supper at a different ethnic restaurant from Mexican, Thai, and Nepali. It was a great week and the Lord really blessed through that time and has added numbers to the church.

Week of Giggles
After that week was up we had two special ladies (preacher's kids :) who stayed with us for another week. We loved having Amber and Delaney with us and our house was filled with lots of laughter.

The Williamson's
Later this summer we had BJ and Andrea Williamson in to visit and minister at the church. They are OMS missionaries to Ecuador and are here in the states for a few months to riase support so they can back to Ecuador. It was lots of fun to have them and their two adorable children with us for a few days.

Isaac's Dedication

Isaac James Withrow was dedicated to the Lord on August .....Our family came in for the special occassion with Annette's dad helping during the dedication ceremony. Both of Aaron's grandma's came from Pennsylvania with his parents and it was great having them here for a few days. It was a special time remembering that Isaac is not ours but the Lord's child and we have been entrusted with his care and teaching him the ways of the Lord.
As you can tell we have had lots of visitors this summer and loved every one of them! We counted and we had people staying with us almost 6 full weeks this summer. So this was just a quick look back to see what all has gone on this summer. It has been a very busy one but we are thankful to the Lord for his graciousness and our growth through it.


A Few Quick Pics

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