It is amazing how quickly the months have flown by. Alot has happened in the Withrow household in such a short amount of time. Little baby boy is growing like a little weed right now and my belly is showing it! We're getting ready to enter into the last trimester and looking forward to when he gets here. The Lord named His child this past week which was a very aweseome time. The name came to Aaron as we were browsing around a store. On the way home Aaron told me the Lord had told him a name and he wanted me to pray about it and I would have one guess. It was 9:28 in the evening and I had until 9:30. Well, as I sat there praying, one name came to mind, a first and middle name, one that we had never put together. When my two minutes were up, I told him the only name on my mind, and that was it! So everyone will find out in three months when he is born what the Lord named him.
In other exciting news, we are in the process of buying a house. I am amazed at the Lord's blessing and provision, especially when things are only possible through Him. He has blessed us with the cutest little home to which we are extremely grateful. Closing is scheduled for the 29th of November. Which means moving in before Christmas. We are in awe of the Lord working in our lives and desire for this home to be a used as a tool to bring Him glory.
The Lord is doing amazing things in our lives personally and in the life of Reidsville Evangelial Methodist.