I am thankful for:

  • my loving husband who challenges me and encourages me to be better than I am
  • my son who is an absolute gift from God
  • the Christian heritage my grandparents started for our family
  • the ladies in my discipleship group who are becoming increasingly hungry for God
  • godly parents who showed that Holiness can be a reality in our lives
  • a sister who makes me laugh
  • being cancer free
  • my cozy home
  • food in my fridge and on my table
  • clothes on my back
  • a church family whose strength is love
  • the youth Sunday School class
  • a loving Heavenly Father is who faithful to me when I am not so faithful to Him, who cares for me and chastises me, is patient with me and rejoices over me with singing, to You O Father do I offer up my thanksgiving and praise for you are the giver of all good things.


Unseen Photos

So I realized that there were lots of older photos that we hadn't shared!! Most of these are from about 2-3 months ago but still worth showing. Enjoy!

He is such a little cutie!!! I just love this pic!

Yes, he is a thumb sucker.

I am still not quite sure how he got stuck underneath the couch, but rest assured he wasn't hurt.

His smile brightens my day :)

He was helping me fold towels...actually he was unfolding while I was trying to fold.

Isaac's first football game. He is being held by one of the ladies from our church, Wanda Hill. This year Aaron is the chaplain for our high school football team. He has really been enjoying that.

All the excitement just wore him out :)

The cheerleaders throw miniature footballs into the stands. The fella behind us caught one and gave it to Isaac. He still loves to play with it.

Aunt Hollie with Isaac.

I just love the look on his face in this pic. :)

Isaac and mommy.

Isaac and daddy playing :)


Where is that crazy cord?

Well, here I am, an evening along at home... sorta.... Isaac's already to bed... to it's about as close to an evening alone I'm going to get for a while.... but anyway... Aaron's at the football game and I was excited that I had the computer that works all to myself for a few hours. I had every intention to download the most recent pics of our family and get to posting! but low and behold I brought the wrong cord from Aaron's office. So...sorry new pictures for now. We have got some great pics now especially since Isaac is crawling like crazy and pulling himself up all the time. His new found freedom has him exploring EVERYTHING! He has within the past few weeks mastered getting around in his walker which has been amazing to see him maneuver his way around to get to what he wants...his most favorite's plants, the spices on the middle shelf of the kitchen island, any books on the piano bench, and on the list goes. It is fun to have him follow you from room to room and at a very quick pace! So even though this evening is already not quite going how I planned, I will enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts :)

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