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Two Months

It is hard to believe that two months have passed since Miriam made her arrival into this world. She is an absolute dollbaby and has a really sweet disposition. She is pretty consistently sleeping through the night now. Although her usual waking time is around 5-6 am. She has started smiling and cooing in the last week or so. This makes a mommy's heart feel like it is about to burst :) Isaac loves his little sister and gives her kisses and tickles her. I think she's quite fond of him too as she has started "talking" back to him and smiling. I pray they will be close in the years to come. The other day Isaac picked up the phone and was talking into it. He then put it up to Miriam's ear so she could talk. It was the cutest thing. It is fun to see him interacting with her more and more. Well, that's all for now as I have been online for a while trying to get pictures uploaded without much success :( It is slightly frustrating but that's ok. At least I finally posted!

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Visiting in PA

Visiting Mamie and Papaw

Going back in time a little. Here are a few pics around the end of August when we were in PA visiting family. Miriam was just about a month old at this point. Her and Isaac both did great traveling.

This is Aaron and his cousin Sherry with her children, Talon and Seneca. Talon and Isaac were born one week apart. It is fun whenever we are in PA to get the two boys together.

Isaac getting his hair cut by Frank. Isaac we WAY past naptime. This picture was taking before he reminded us how ready he was for a nap :)

This is Uncle Huck and Miriam. We ran into him one morning at Fat Jimmy's restaurant for breakfast.

Our little sleeping beauty :)

Isaac checking out the menu at Fat Jimmy's.

Isaac loves to ride on the 4-wheeler!

Miriam's first time on the 4-wheeler. She just sat on it and got her picture taken. Maybe next time she will actually get to go for a ride.

Daddy reading to Isaac before bedtime.

Grandma West holding Miriam.

Cousin Sarah and Miriam.

Marty and Miriam

Gram Withrow and Miriam

Isaac looks like he knows what he's doing! Just a few more years buddy.

Papaw and Isaac on the 4-wheeler.

Mamie and Miriam

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