Vacation Snapshot

I have been wanting to update everyone on our vacation since we got back home. There is so much to tell and I do not have the time now!! So, just a quick overview with hopefully lots more pictures and stuff to follow! (After camps :)We had a wonderful time at the coast with Annette's family. It all ended way too soon and we headed from there to PA to visit Aaron's family. His parents hosted a surprise birthday gathering for Gram West on memorial day. It was great fun and Isaac got to meet lots and lots of family. Aunt Rebecca and her family were also there so Isaac got to meet all his cousins!! It was a wonderful time and we enjoyed getting to see everyone! Then we headed back home and tried to catch up on our rest :) In this picture to the left, Isaac is being held by his Uncle Gary.


Off to camp!

Please be praying for us this week as we head to Jr. Camp with our kids. We will be leaving today and taking 7 kids to Danville to our district youth camp. I have been looking forward to it and am excited. One downside is I have been continually tired all week, lots to do to get ready and am starting the week of tired! Not good!!! We will have a few days off during the weekend and then head out again next Sunday with our Sr. youth! So Isaac will be experiencing his first weeks of youth camp! It will be interesting to see how he does. The little guy has already been involoved in alot of ministry at 4 months of age! 3 funerals, many hospital visits, and bringing joy to people who are going through a rough time. It is amazing how God can use anyone!! It is fun to see how God is using our little one already for His glory!

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