Memorial Day in West Virginia
Every fifth Sunday we do not have an evening service at church. So after church we finished packing, loaded the van, strapped the kids in and headed to WV! Some of my family was meeting at my Grandma's for Memorial Day. We had a great time visiting with my parents, sister, grandma, uncle, aunt, cousin and his wife and daughter. As is common with me, I had run out of batteries for my camera, so therefore I do not have many pics from this part of our travels. I had to borrow some rechargeable batteries from my parents to take these couple of pics and then give the batteries back! (I did get this "problem" fixed and bought some rechargeable batteries as soon as we made it to PA. I just go through the disposable ones way too fast!! I love taking pictures ;)

Here is my Grandma Williamson, Isaac, Miriam, and my mom :-)

Grandpa Williamson (my dad) and Isaac

On to PA

We left WV on Tuesday after lunch and headed to Mamie and Papaw Withrow's. We did alot of relaxing the first couple of days and got to see some family too. We were planning on staying through the weekend, but due to an unexpected death in the church, we left Saturday to come back.

Celebrating Grandma's Birthday

We celebrated Grandma West's birthday (Aaron's maternal grandmother) a few days early since we were in town. I thought this was the coolest looking cake!

Miriam learning to walk with Aunt Carrie's help :-)

This pic cracks me up! I wish I had a better angle when I took this pic because Miriam's face is hilarious! To add to it is Isaac's crazy Elmo hat!

Cousin Sara and Miriam

A Day at Roger's

We went to Roger's Flea Market (not sure where it was, I only know it was about an hour's drive!) It was the biggest flea market I had been to in years! We stopped at a yard sale on the way there and found some great stuff for the kids: a practically brand new pack and play for $15, some cute clothes, and a really cute Sesame Street Train set. We spent $25 at the Yard Sale and then another $25 at the flea market. We came home with a huge stack of children's books we got for $1, a bag of toy cars for $5, some heavy duty Tonka trucks for Isaac, and 2 of the cutest outfits for Miriam! We were quite pleased with our treasures!

Time with Mamie and Papaw

Sleeping Beauty

Reading a "choo-choo" book with Papaw.

I'm not sure how I timed it right, but both kids were waving at the same time. They were getting ready to take off for another round.

Miriam's first ride on the 4-wheeler with Papaw :-)