The kids had already had their baths for the night and were getting ready to go to bed.  I was in the process of changing their sheets and had put Miriam and Isaac in the same bed so I could change the sheets on the other bed.  They started a wrestling match and it was too funny!  I ran real quick and got my camera, hoping they would still be going at it when I got back.  (These pics are in order of how I took them ;) 

DSCF5711 (2)

DSCF5713 (2) 


DSCF5715 (2)

Love her expression in this pic!  She is too funny!

DSCF5716 (2)

DSCF5717 (2)

I win! I win!DSCF5721 (2)

Not quite so fast sister! 

The only problem with this is, Isaac then likes to sit on top of his sister.  So I had to pull him off and tell him to be “gentle” and that he shouldn’t sit on his sister.  Not quite sure he understood that one ;)