The past few weeks have been a blur of ministry related activities. We had our annual district conference the end of April. We Praise the Lord for how smoothly the business meetings went.
We got done in record time and had wonderful services. It was good to get to meet up with fellow pastors and pastor's wives for a time of encouragement and "catching up". We had 4 others from our church that went and we all enjoyed a leisurely Thursday sightseeing in Asheville before we headed home. We had the opportunity to stop at the historical Grove Park Inn and took a self-guided tour and then ate a leisurely lunch on the terrace. The inn was beautiful and the view was gorgeous. Isaac has been a real trooper these past few weeks. Even with all the activity and travel we had still for the most part been able to keep with his routine. In the above picture he is sleeping in Grandpa's arms. I couldn't resist taking this picture. He also got to meet his great grandma for the first time. I think it was love at first sight for both of them. I was able to spend the night at mom and dad's for a longer visit with grandma. The next morning Isaac was wide awake and I asked him if he wanted to go see his great grandma. His little face just little up with a smile and he answered with his little coo's. Someone's already learning how to get an extra piece of apple pie. This past week Aaron preached revival services at Welker's Crossroad EMC in Julian NC. The services were scheduled for Sun thru Wed but were extended until Sat. It was a great time of encouragement and the Lord touched that congregation in a special way. Saturday we took the youth from our church to Mt Sinai EMC in Statesville for their annual youth rally. The girls had a great time and slept all the way home. They are ready for senior camp come June. Aaron and I have a real burden for our youth and seeing them discipled. Our church is praying for a youth pastor to help disciple them and lead them in having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We have a wonderful group and are praying for them continually. In this pic the girls were coming down the blow up slide together and kind of got piled up at the bottom. There are three of them here, although someone is missing a head :) Below are some more pictures of Isaac and our family.

The little guy is on the move all the time....and he's not even walking yet! He had a checkup last week and got his shots. He is now over 12 lbs and 22 1/2 inches. The doctor said he is doing excellent :)

Isaac and Daddy talking.

I promise he was not that close to the edge!! It was the camera angle!

Sorry this pic is a little blury....but he has the cutest expressions!

Our little boxer :)

He is all smiles these days :) Which is so much fun!

This pic was taken one night after revival.

He's asking me why I'm taking so many pictures hehe

Isaac and Aunt Hollie at the youth rally.

He loves to look at his surroundings. He is becoming very observant.