Yes, my computer officially died...and it will be missed....along with some pictures that I had not backed up...grrrrr.... but that is my own fault. We are hoping we can get the pictures and video (from Aaron's trip to Israel!!!) off of it. I'm not sure how they do that, but Aaron said it was possible. So I was really bummed because I had some great pictures to share from Tot School and some really cute ones of the kids. (I also had some printables I had downloaded for Tot School that were in the file "to print and make") I think the biggest thing I will miss was the fact it was a laptop, so in the evenings even if Aaron was studying, I could sit on the couch in his office and at least feel like we were together! So, now I am back to using the desktop in my office, and although I love the peace and quiet in there, I feel very isolated in there when my hubby is home. But I do have a few pics to share from last week that I hadn't downloaded yet. I think I will be putting all the pictures on my hubby's desktop from now on... it backs-up automatically ;)

Something Old is Something New Again!

I brought out the riding/walk behind toy for Miriam. I realized it was time! She is growing up so fast. This was her first time playing with it and she loved it!

Play Date
This past Friday we went over to "G's" grandparents' house so the kids could have a playdate. The boys eventually warmed up to each other and began chasing each other around the living room. Isaac would chase G for a while and then they would reverse and G would chase Isaac. They were too funny together. And of course there were "new" toys to play with!

Isaac loved this tool set!

G's grandma made cupcakes with strawberry icing. It's hard to tell in this picture, but Miriam has her tongue out licking her lips. I think it would be safe to say she liked the icing!

Isaac loved this motorized 4-wheeler. This was his first time on something "motorized" and he did great with it!

I Love My Daddy!!!
Sunday was a big day at our church. We have a Daycare Ministry at our church and this Sunday we had the Graduation for it along with celebrating all of our other graduates! At this point in the picture, Miriam had missed her morning nap and it was already time for her afternoon nap. Daddy was the only one who could console her! She is such a snugglebug! She was almost asleep in his arms....and of course daddy loved every minute of it!
We had a very busy weekend in ministry this week, which means that my house is a wreck! So I am off to get some things done while the kids are still napping!! Have a great day everyone!