making my own background and banner for our blog!!! And it will probably be the last for a while! Of course, now that I figured it out, I might be more likely to change it more often! But since it is so time consuming....between picking out the scrapbook kit, trying to figure out if we already had a software program on our computers to do it, downloading a free software, trying to figure out how to use the new software, and all the little tweeks here and there with it to get it just how I wanted's going to be a while before I change it! I did end up using PAINT.Net and Scrapblog. I did the header almost exclusively on which was much easier for me since I was familiar with it. And other exciting news, the camera is working again! Hooray!
Note: I still have the little link to "The Cutest Blog On the Block" in the upper left hand corner from my previous background, just haven't figured out how to get rid of it yet!