I ran across a note I had put up on Facebook a while ago stating 25 random facts about me (that I was willing to share) Since I really don't have alot of info on my profile page about me and I normally just post things about the kids, I thought this might be kind of fun. :-) Just to let you know, the "Then" list still applies. I think I did it about 1 1/2 years ago when I was pregnant with Miriam. I purposely didn't look at it until I was finished with my "now" list, so there are a few repeats ;)

1. I highly detest being sick!
2. I love studying the Bible.
3. I am very excited to be pregnant again.
4. I love being outdoors.
5. I want to start taking time to go hiking.
6. I am excited about working in our yard this spring and sprucing up our flower beds!
7. I have been married to a wonderful godly man for 5 years now!
8. I was born in WV...go mountaineers!
9. Football is the sport of choice in our home.
10. I am gradually finding time to play the piano again.
11. I love playing board/card games with friends.
12. I love people but am very much an introvert.
13. My dream house is a cabin in the woods with a wrap around porch overlooking a pond.
14. My first vehicle was a diesel Mazda pick-up :) painted smurf blue
15. We have a salt water tank in our house.
16. I could sit and read a good book all day.
17. I love pizza! my pregnancy favorite these days is a cheese pizza
18. I desire for other people to grow stronger and deeper in their relationship with God.
19. I enjoy being a pastor's wife.
20. I am ready for spring to be here.
21. I am excited we are finishing off part of the basement for a laundry/sewing/home command center room :)
22. I want to learn how to sew.
23. I am rooting for the Steelers to win the superbowl
24. I love to cook and try new recipes.
25. I love my Saviour and am so grateful to God for His grace and care.

1. In the past few months I have felt God's refining presence in my life. He has been showing me more of Himself and more of the ugliness in me that He wants to cleanse.
2. I love being in full-time ministry with my husband. (most days ;-)
3. I am passionate about everything having to do with being a mommy and feel that my husband and children are my main focus and ministry.
4. I LOVE to cook and try new recipes.
5. I would like to become more knowledgeable in the area of gardening and learn to can our own fruits and vegetables (that we will eventually grow, if we can keep the deer out of the garden!)
6. I tend to be a very detail-oriented person, but try to keep that trait as a strength and not a hinderance ;) I also try not to burden my husband with my need for organization and planning since he tends to be the opposite!
7. I would love to learn how to sew, so I can make things for our home (I already have the material for the living room and dining room!) and maybe get to the point to make cute summer dresses for Miriam.
8. I would like 5 kids.
9. I am not a good swimmer.
10. I used to love to go horseback riding and took lessons one summer. I have had two horses in my life: an appaloosa that was green broke (my mom was going to finish training her) and tried to buck me off (that was my last time riding her, we sold her after that, she was a cranky thing!) and my beloved quarter horse Max who was my baby. He was the most gentle thing and a great trail horse. I miss him!
11. I love the smell of fresh cut hay :-)
12. My dream house is a log cabin with a stone fireplace, wrap around porch, open layout with a huge kitchen where everyone can gather, and a pond closeby where the kids can go fishing.
13. I LOVE to read but don't get to do alot of it these days.
14. I love to be outdoors.....reading outdoors is especially nice.....in a rocker on a porch overlooking a pond ;)
15. I am a tea drinker....I will fix a pot of hot tea in the morning....but it normally ends up cold by the time I can get to it....I have two little distractions named Isaac and Miriam ;)
16. I like to drink coffee, but I need my flavored creamer and sugar...caramel vanilla is my favorite right now. I proudly tell my husband, that yes, I am drinking my milkshake (he drinks his coffee black)
17. I love to travel and see new places...I would love to travel around the US and visit Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado especially again and the other states out west I have not been to: Oklahoma, North Dakota, and Oregon. I also want to travel through the New England states one year during the fall.
18. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. Spring because of the newness of life. Fall because of the colors, soups, and sweaters :)
19. I love to study God's Word!! It is like a treasure box and you just want to take it all in and not miss any part of it!
20. Being a pastor's wife is much more difficult/hard emotionally than being a pastor's daughter is. (For me personally, I know this could be reversed for someone else!)
21. I love my sister, she is my best friend :) (It was just the two of us)
22. I would love to learn to play guitar, so I can lead my children in worship at home. And since I am teaching the youth SS Class right now, I really wish I could play NOW to start our class time off in worship in song.
23. I like mowing grass with a push-mower. I know...I'm weird.
24. I took art in high school and loved it. One of my pictures placed in county contest. (2nd place I think) My favorite was pencil sketches. I haven't attempted to draw in probably over 10 years :(
25. I am blessed to have a wonderful family: a loving husband who continually challenges me and yet loves me where I am, two of the cutest kids in the world (I know, I'm partial), parents who pointed me to Christ by their life and love, in-laws who claim me as their own, a sister who rocks! a best friend who I can always count on, no matter how long it's been since we've talked or how busy we are with our families, and grandparents who live/have lived a godly legacy.