I have no idea where this week went! It seemed to absolutely fly by! We've had a fun week, spending lots of time playing. (as you can tell by the pics ;)

Having fun with the new bowling set

All Smiles This Week

Ready to learn to play ball!

Aaron picked this T-Ball set up for Isaac the other night. Isaac found it almost as soon as he woke up the next morning. He picked up the box, carried it to the living room, and sat in front of it like this. Isaac and Daddy went outside later that morning for batting practice ;)

Fun in the Pool
We saw this fun pool in a Sears flyer we got in the mail. We looked it up online and even got it on sale! I know the kids are going to have a blast with it this summer. We set it up a week ago, but it has been a little "cool" this past week for hanging out in the pool. It is quite warm today, so we headed outside with Isaac while Miriam napped so he could play in the pool for the first time!