I'm looking back through the pictures for the week and Wow! We had alot going on this week! Last week we spent most of it at home, this week there was something going on every day. It has felt like a long week, I think it is just because we had so much crammed into it!

Miriam's 9mth Check-up
Miriam had a great check-up. She is now over 20 lbs and that is with slimming down some since she's started crawling! I remember at Isaac's 1 yr. checkup, he was barely over 20 lbs. I was worried we wouldn't be able to switch to a front-facing carseat. Well, that won't be a problem for Miriam! The childrens' pediatrician is in the "big city" 30 minutes away. We took the afternoon and had a late lunch together.
I think she is looking at Isaac in this pick, probably wondering what in the world he is doing.

He was waiting very patiently for his Chicken Nuggets from Chick-fil-A :-)

This pic cracks me up...it's like she's saying "It's mine...all mine!"

Daddy reading Isaac the book he got in his kid's meal.

Going in the wrong way ;)

Visit with Grandma and Grandpa

Mom and Dad stopped in overnight on their way back home to WV. We always love getting to see them and of course the kids get a little extra spoiling :)

Sometimes it's the simple things kids love to play with the most. Isaac loved sitting in this box (with a hat on of course!) while Grandma read to him.

Garden Goodness

Aaron was able to get the garden tilled a couple of weeks ago. Then while my parents were here, the guys worked hard getting it planted while I was involved in the Ladies Bible Study.

Youth Lock-In

We had 23 youth at our Lock-In Friday night!!! Here is Isaac and Pastor Ryan during the worship service. Isaac loved it! I eneded up staying all night and we put the kids to sleep in the nursery. I might have stayed up all night if I didn't have little ones that would be awake all the next day. So I did get a few hours sleep in the early morning and was able to get a short nap in on Saturday. I still don't think I've fully recovered!
Miriam hanging out before bedtime.

Isaac's favorite meal....pizza!

The "Baby"

Here is a little statue that our neighbor gave us when Isaac was born. He had been carrying it around the house lately and calling it "baby". I found the "baby" like this, compliments of Isaac. Later Isaac was carrying it around and accidentally dropped it. Baby is no more ;)

Hard at Play

Beginning table foods....she is just growing up way too fast!

Isaac knocked over the gate....again....and here Miriam is trying to pull herself up with it. You can't quite see it the way the light is hitting it, but she is standing up.

She discovered "Tad" this week and loved him!

A little too much fun :-) She just fell asleep in my arms. Thankfully the camera was handy.

Grandma got these fun alphabet flashcards for Isaac at the Dollar Tree. They are on a little ring, so thankfully they all stay together!

A Little Reading
I found Isaac like this the other day. I am so glad he loves books. I thought it was cute the way he was sitting. He was "reading" one of his favorites....a Thomas the Train collection. He calls trains "choo-choos".

They're Here!!
I know, I know, I'm a little weird, but I am so excited. We had done the cloth diaper trial a little while back and were able to go ahead and get them this month. The company I have been going through offers used diapers that have only been used for a couple of weeks. We were able to buy 10!! "Used in Excellent Condition" for a great price! Thank the Lord for his provision even in the little details! So no more buying disposable diapers!! (unless of course we go on vacation somewhere where we don't have access to a washer :-P

Wow! That was alot of pics! My camera is in good working order again, so I guess I'm a little camera happy right now. I figure I will never regret taking so many pictures! I have more from this week, but I think I"ll try and post them at another time! Tot School didn't really happen this week. I also was busy two mornings with planning for the lock-in. We'll work on it this week!