Isaac is 30 months
Miriam is 13 months
Just when I think we are going to have a relatively slow week at home  . . . ;-)
  • We made an unexpected trip to see family this week. (Mon afternoon to Wed afternoon)
  • I took my youth Sunday School class out to lunch and to the Mad Platter to paint some pottery on Thursday.
  • Friday was my birthday and I got a pleasant surprise . . . my mom came for a short visit!  So we went shopping and out to lunch!
With that said, Monday was our only day of Tot School.  But it was a great week with lots of fun memories!


 Leap Frog Counting Farm

He loves this counting book from Leap Frog! I had put it away for a while and brought it back out this week.  I feel like I say this every week, but it is amazing to watch him grow and learn!  This time he found the correct animal on the block to go with each page and counted out loud by himself!


Magnet Circle Stickers
A few weeks ago Aaron picked up a very neat resource: My Early Learning Box.  It is filled with fun cards, books, magnet stickers, etc to help them learn animals, foods, vehicles, colors, ABC’s and more!  We have been using this a few times a week.  Isaac especially loves looking at the cards! This particular day I had pulled out the little circle magnets and he was placing them on the squares as we identified each picture. We played with this until he started throwing them, so mommy put it away ;-) (I wish I had a dollar for every time I say “We do not throw things inside the house”  O the things I could buy! hehe)
Color Matching
I got this idea from Carisa at 1+1+1=1. I used a dollar package of pipe cleaners, a dollar package of clothespins, a little paint and 20 minutes! (I LOVE these inexpensive ideas!! And I have plenty of pipe cleaners for another project)  I put the circles and the pins on a cookie sheet and he went to town matching up the colors. 
After a while he decided the circles were also nice for wearing ;-)  It’s amazing the things he thinks to do with some of his toys!  He is quite creative :-) 

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