Isaac is 30 months

Miriam is 12 months

We had a full week of Tot School this week and were able to do four days straight in a row!! (That is such a nice feeling!) On Saturday mornings (usually ;) I sit down and plan things out for the week: menus, grocery list , Tot School, updating my calendar for church and personal activities and my to-do list! This helps me tremendously to take this hour or so to do this!  If I have any printables to make, I try to make sure they’re done by Saturday evening. I then have a basket that I put all of our Tot School toys and printables in for that week, along with my planning sheet.  Each day this week I have been able to go to my basket, look at my sheet and pull out the items we need for that day!  This little bit of planning has made it so easy this week!

 (The planning sheet came in a Excel file from the Letter of the Week Curriculum.  This alone has been worth paying the minimal fee for the whole curriculum download!! It saves so much time! I just adjust it to fit our needs.)

All the printables this week (except the ABC matching) are from

Letter of the Week badge

Taking It Outside

  We had Tot School outside a couple of days this week!  Someone had generously given us this cute table and it works perfectly for us!  Our normal Tot time is from around 10 – 11, and the weather has been perfect around this time to be outside! 

This is Isaac’s first time with Play-doh!  As you will see he LOVED it!!  We made the letter C and placed it on our tracing sheet printable.




We also worked on a “C is for Caterpillar” puzzle.  I mostly showed him how to match up the colors and put it together.  As soon as we were done, he wanted to “clean up” and get the Play-doh out again!



Play-doh:  Round 2 



The first time around, I showed Isaac how to roll the play-doh out to make the Letter C and how to place it on the letter.  This time, he placed it on the mat himself and tried to make the letter.  (It was still rolled from the previous time :-)


Then we moved on to our caterpillar number game.  This was originally a floor game that I reduced to save precious ink ;-)  I called out the numbers as we laid it out, but as you can see Isaac was mostly interested in getting his lacing cards out!



Isaac did the best he has ever done with his lacing cards!!  I was so proud of him!



We then got out our magnets and put our squares in the circles to make the letter C.  We didn’t do this for very long, because Isaac wanted to play with the Play-doh again!!


Play-doh:  Round 3




We also played with the sidewalk chalk.  Isaac didn’t do much drawing.  He was more interested in trying to get the chalk out of the wrapper :)


He did manage to scribble a little on the sidewalk, next to my ABC’s.



One option for the D0-a-Dot page was to use stickers instead of the markers.  Isaac loves trying to get the stickers off the paper!










Earlier in the week I had painted some clothespins to go with another color matching game.  I didn’t have any plain ones left for our number card game, so I just used the painted ones.  Our time evolved from putting the correct number of pins on the card to color matching! 



He was so proud of himself! This pic cracks me up!


He took it upon himself to “clean up”.  =D  Makes a mommy proud!



As we were working on the letter C this week, we read the Hungry Little Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  In the letter C printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler, there are some cards you can make to go along with the story! 

DSCF7439As we read the story, I handed him the cards and we would count how many pieces of food the caterpillar was eating (1 apple, two pears, etc)  We read through this a couple of times and then he wanted to give the apple to the caterpillar to eat ;)











We played some more with our nesting blocks!


And once again we found ourselves outside!  We colored our C page and called out the colors as he picked them up.  He is doing so well with color matching and is just starting to name the color by himself now!  So exciting for this mommy! 


(We also think he might be a lefty!  Even today at lunch he did better with his left hand!)


We also worked on some shape sorting this week.


He is a pro at matching them up, so now we are working on him telling me verbally what the shape is.


I found these fun mini foam alphabet letters for $1.00 at Walmart this week!  It was perfect timing because Carisa at 1+1+1=1 just posted a new alphabet printable!  It was the perfect size!


We matched them up, called out the letter and the sound it makes.


I think took the square part of the foam pieces and he had to match up the letter.


More magnet fun! This time he hung in there a little longer and we used our pom-pom magnets.


He also thought it would be a great idea to store his magnets underneath his tray ;-)


Then we did our first cut and past!  I did the cutting and Isaac did the pasting.



We tried our number sort caterpillar game and this time it held his interest a little longer.  We did it a few times before he decided to mix them all up (picture below ;)


And that was our week! My goal for the next few weeks is to be more consistent with Isaac and ALOT more consistent with Miriam.  Right now my time with her is from 2-3pm, when Isaac goes down for his nap and right before her afternoon nap.  More posts to come on the things we do together during Miriam’s special time.


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