TotSchool2 (Isaac is 30 mos        Miriam is 13 mos)


I am really just now beginning to do Tot Schoolish things with Miriam.  At this point we basically just play together after Isaac goes down for a nap and right before her afternoon nap.   The main thing I love about Tot School is just spending time with my kids!
She loves playing with her kitchen set! I keep it in the sunroom and bring it out a few times a week.  (That way it doesn’t get old to her, it’s like it’s something new!)
She loves this little (I dont’ know what you call it) thing.  Whenever she puts the ball in through the top it makes all kinds of noises. 
It also comes apart and you can re-stack the rings.
And we are working on walking!!  She is mostly walking now, rarely crawling, and occasionally walks on her knees.  It is the funniest thing to see.  I’ll have to see if I can catch her on video sometime doing it.

While she is at the changing table, I have started giving her these little mini alphabet books.  Each book is a different letter.
So while she’s looking at it I tell her the name of the letter and the sound it makes.  (This also helps to keep her from rolling all over the place, trying to get up before I’m done changing out diapers!)

A New Tot Spot

We have a full basement downstairs that we are gradually working on finishing.  Right now we have our guest bedroom along with Aaron’s office and my laundry room/ office.  Eventually we are also wanting to put in a bathroom and a family room.  But for now, I’m claiming the wanna-be family room as our Tot School room :-)  Isaac and I worked on getting things cleaned out and we moved things around to get it ready for this coming week. We have had this table for some time and it is the perfect height and size!!  On the left is also my big bulletin board that I have decided to use for our Calendar time.  (notice no calendar yet, hehe hopefully in the next week or two)  And to the right is our amazing find at our favorite consignment store!  This easel is heavy duty!  Chalkboard on one side, magnetic wipe off board on the other, and a roll of paper in the middle to drape over either side.  When we were finished getting things set up and cleaned up, we had a little fun with our pom-pom magnets ;) 

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