Isaac is 29 months

Miriam is 12 months

Like most weeks this summer, this one has not been routine.  ;-) We were so blessed to have Aaron’s sister and her family visiting with us the beginning of the week.  As an added bonus, one of our nieces is staying with us for a few weeks.  We also had other things schedule a few other mornings this week during our normal Tot School time, so we are once again, pretty random this week.  Sometimes when we miss it in the mornings, I try and have some Tot School time with Isaac in the evening.  Next week looks to be a little more consistent.  (So far ;-) We didn’t start on letter C this week like I had planned, so we will plan to start on it this coming week.

Tot School with Daddy

Isaac loves being read to!  Daddy and Isaac are reading a story and working on counting.  Isaac is doing really well with this!


The nesting blocks are a big hit in our house.  I pulled them out one evening and both kiddos were working on them.  Daddy joined in, singing the ABC’s and helping to build the tower from the “biggest to the smallest”.  DSCF7240 


Isaac did well finding the next block to go on top.


This is my favorite pic!!! I sat there just waiting for Isaac to knock them over, hoping I would get a good pic!  I laughed when I saw this and the tower in mid air!  Love the smile on little man’s face!


Something New

I finally broke down and bought a 99c pack of clothespins the other day ;-)  DSCF7226

Isaac loved playing with them and worked hard at figuring out how they worked. He did great clipping the pins on the number cards.  We only got up to 3 when he was done working with the cards.


We put the correct number of clothespins on each card.


(These Butterfly cards are part of the “B” printables in the Letter of the Week Curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler.) 

Letter of the Week badge

Isaac then decided it was time to “Clean Up”.  So he started putting them all back in the bucket!  Apparently he was done playing with them!


Sometimes he likes to do things the hard way.  He came around to one side of the table and reeeached way over to put the pins in the basket. 


Working on Lacing

and colors, shapes, and counting! 

It is so fun to see how he is learning and developing!  I picked up these Melissa and Doug Lacing Beads earlier this summer and we have used them only a few times.  He was so excited when I pulled them out and couldn’t wait to get his hands on them.  He immediately started lacing and we played with them for quite a while!DSCF7264 

We also called out what shape the block was and what color it was as he was putting the string through it.  When he put a number block on, we also counted the dots on the block. DSCF7261


And when you’re done lacing it also works as a great necklace ;-)



Isaac also worked on his stacking skills. 


And he likes to line things up!  As I watched him do this, it gave me the idea to pull out some dominoes soon and show him how to stand them up in a row and knock them over.  I know he would love that!


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