So, the biggest thing I've been working on at home is becoming more organized with my time and pretty much everything else to do with homemaking. (Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember another post with a similar I'm a work in process) Sundays will hopefully be the day that I post to the blog, upload pics to Facebook, keep up with correspondence, etc. (work on any Thanks-You's is on this day too, thankfully my wonderful hubby is taking care of the most recent ones) So for the last few weeks, I have been doing better and feel myself slowly getting more things done and being less stressed about it. Saturdays are my planning days. So after I devote my Sat morning to a little extra sleep, pancakes and Veggie Tales in our pajammies (is that a word?) with the kids, I sit down and plan my week: my list of what needs done around the house, menus, grocery list, any appointments, try to find out hubby's schedule, any church related thing, plan Isaac's Tot School for the week, etc. Than afterwards I work on anything I need to make to get ready for Tot School during the coming week. It might seem like alot, but with a just an hour or two, even though it may be a crazy week ahead, I feel much less stressed. I've been able to do this the last couple of weeks, and Wow! what a difference it has made! I try not to get obsessed about it or wear my husband out with it, b/c I know I could very easily do that! I just try and use it to guide me through my week. The best feeling was when I was working on it yesterday and I realized how much I had already accomplished in the past few weeks, and my list around the house was much smaller this week! Then I had the energy and time to get the kitchen decluttered (once again!) and get my fridge cleaned ou t... so now they're already marked of my list for next week! Hooray! Well ..... enough about that ..... hopefully I didn't bore you and you will continue to check back in! O and by the way, I use the Busy Body Book planner and LOVE it! It has a grid system for each week so I can track what each of us are doing plus use one part of the grid for menu planning and another for Tot School! This pic is the example page they give for the planner.