Tot School
Isaac is 26 months
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So I posted earlier about becoming more organized at home, and the other thing I'm working on is becoming more consistent with Tot School! Even though I'm a stay at home mom, being in the ministry, our schedule tends to change, pretty much every week! I think that is why I have been really trying to be more consistent with certain things, for the kids and for my own sanity! So, most mornings I try to have special time with Isaac after we eat breakfast and get ready for the day. Miriam hangs out in her bouncer or some other confined space where she can play and not get into some of the stuff we are working on that might have small pieces! We've been focusing on his colors first. I can tell Isaac is picking up on things quickly, but he is just not vocalizing it much yet. Although in the past few weeks, his speech vocabulary has almost doubled! He is attempting to say everything we ask him to repeat and we are working on making 3-4 word sentences with him.

Isaac and Daddy putting together a puzzle.

I had been saving Miriam's baby food jars and knew that I could figure out a way to use them! I went to the Dollar Tree and got a package of these colored pom-poms in their craft aisle. You should have seen Isaac's face when I brought these jars out filled with the colored pom-poms! Too cute! He played for quite a while with them, dumping them out, putting them back in, and stacking the lids and jars. One of these days maybe he will be agreeable to actually sorting them by color!

Just some good old fashioned coloring! We have just started coloring with him in the past couple of months and He loves it! This particular day we were focusing on our colors, so I would hold out two different colors and ask him to pick the "blue" one or "green". We recently got a coloring book that is huge and has a Jungle theme! Can't wait to use it in the near future!

We read A LOT! Isaac love books, which I am so thankful for, because mommy and daddy love books! He will grab a book and bring it to us to read to him, or he will sit contently and "read" on his own. :-)

Here is the little man with his fun (I'm not sure what to call them, Alphabet foam tiles?) anyway, He loves them! We take them apart (just working on A-G right now) and then match up the letter with the correct tile. Then I put them together like this, and he hops on each tile as I sing or say the letter.
Something else fun we have been regularly using is the foam bath letters and numbers. They stick up on the walls when wet. We sort them by color and I put them in alphabetical order for him and we sing the ABC's. Lots of great ways we can use these!