Love this pic! They love each other so much! It is so fun to watch them together.

It looks like he's giving her her first set of bunny ears! Too funny!

My sweet babies :-)

She found Daddy's work boots....Yuck!

One of the few occasions we went out to eat. Isaac loved his burger. He would eat the hamburger and top piece of the bun and leave the bottom piece of bread!

I was hosting the ladies group from church this last week. I decided to try this fun sunflower cake from Taste of Home (I'm a Taste of Home girl all the way!) I think it turned out ok :-) as of last Sunday Miriam is officially pulling herself up....

....the crib was lowered right after we got home from church, just in time for her nap ;)

The view from my front door....Beautiful!

She loves to chew on EVERYTHING!!