Isaac is 32 months

Miriam is 17 months

This week was full of complete randomness ;-) I just pulled stuff out and we had fun playing ~ no planning whatsoever.  We will pick back up with our Letter of the Week after Thanksgiving.  I am so excited to work on “G” is for Gumball.  The other fun thing is the J for Jesus will land right around Christmas. 

Sensory Tub Fun


I brought out the sensory tub and they played for over an hour!  They loved it! They were much more into it this time than the last time they played with it! Of course, I had a mess to clean up when it was all over with, but it was worth it!


Miriam really had fun digging around in the bin this time. :)


And Isaac decided it was fun to stuff his pocket with rice and pom-poms.  He had fun stuffing it and I had fun cleaning it all out ;-)


He then decided all the flowers from our sensory bin needed to go in the schoolhouse.


I love this little boy.  He is sunshine on a cloudy day.


He now talks to “Larry Boy” on the school telephone.  The first time (and every time since!) that I saw him do this, it absolutely cracked me up.  He says “Hi Larry Boy!”




Miriam’s Independent Play


Most mornings after breakfast I let the kids play in separate areas of the house with a few toys.  They really seem to enjoy this and it lets me get my morning routine done (clean-up after breakfast, switch over laundry, make my bed, etc)


Foam Alphabet Tiles: Big and Small


The kids always love playing with their foam tiles.  We picked up 2 sets of these mini ones at Wal-Mart for a dollar a piece.  (My local Wal-Mart still had them in the toy section last week!)


We worked on matching them up to these fun printables from Carisa at 1+1+1=1.


We then made a puzzle out of it and he put the letters back in their squares.


We then got out the big squares and he was mostly interested in taking them apart.  So we called out what letter it was while he was separating letter from tile ;-)  


Then he thought it was great fun to insert the letter in his toybox.  




Other Fun Activities


We worked on color matching.  These fish printables are from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler.


We then played with a box, some pasta, and a hammer :)  The kids love this and it is so easy.  Take any kind of box, poke some holes in the top, insert pasta, and let them pound away.  Great for hand-eye coordination!


Miriam loves to just play with the pasta.  She will put her hand in the box, shake the pasta up and pull some out.  After she has studied it, she drops it back in the box and does it all over again!


We brought out the pom-pom Magnets and ended up sorting by color. (Isaac and I both were working on this one together ;-)


My kiddos LOVE watching Baby Einstin and Baby Genius videos! These are the only ones that Miriam will actually sit down and watch.


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