I have not had a Tot School post in over 2 weeks and I have to say I have missed it!  We have not had official Tot School during that time due to sickness and extra things going on.  Things are beginning to get back to normal and slowing down a bit.  I am excited to get back in the swing of our daily routine (which is in the process of changing again since Miriam is down to just one nap a day now!)  So I am again going to be working on figuring out when is the best time for Tot School since I like to work with them together but also give them each one on one time. 







My kids love playing with the bottle caps that we (and my in-laws ;) have been collecting.  We have a gallon size ziploc bag jam-packed with these things.   The other week while we were playing my mind started rolling about all the things we could do with them!  Here is just one of the ideas I had, and hopefully you’ll see some more soon! 


I took a little bit of paint and some of the white bottle caps and went to work painting!


There are a few activities that we did with the colored  bottle caps.  I had Isaac tell me the name of the color as he was putting them in the can.  Once he named one, on his own he went for a hunt for the rest of that particular color. 


Another way you can play is call out the name of the color and let them find it and put it in the can.


Then Isaac matched up bottle caps to the animals on his pajamas.  :)


And then of course he had to match up the colors to sister’s pajamas.  Miriam just liked putting the bottle caps in the can :)


Our can that we used is a Oatmeal container wrapped with fun scrapbook paper.  I cut a hole in the lid and it works great!  The original idea for the container came from another Tot School mom at Psalm 127:3.

Note:  I noticed after I painted them, if I painted some of them really heavy with paint, they tend to chip a little where the paint is the thickest.  I’m sure this could be resolved with another type of paint (?) or not painting too heavily.  I am also only letting the kids use them under my supervision as Miriam still likes to put things in her mouth  ;-)

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Isaac is 32 months and Miriam is 15 months.