I desire to LIVE HEALTHY, not only for myself, but for my family.  I want to model a healthy lifestyle for my children, so they can grow up and know what it is to live healthy and already have those habits formed in them.  So, I have decided I am going to let you all in on the journey :)  Sometimes I look at myself and see so many things that I want to change, but I have come to realize glass-of-waterthat I do much better working on one thing at a time.   (And I am able to stick with it!)  I’ve heard it said a few times that it takes around 3 weeks to change a habit.  So I am going to be working in three week increments.  I will be working on a habit for three weeks, checking in on Mondays to let you know how I did (accountability is a good  thing!).  After the three weeks I will move on to the next habit that I would like to change, keeping up with the previous ones.  First off I am going to change what I drink.  I like sugar.  I love sweet tea and soda. :( And I definitely don’t drink enough water.  So my goal for the next three weeks, (and forever) is to seriously change what I drink.  Here’s what it will look like:

  • one glass of juice in the morning mixed in with my liquid vitamin
  • one - two cups of hot tea a day (breakfast and/or evening)
  • one cup of coffee (during my Bible Study)
  • 8 glasses of water

And that’s it!  That’s what I will be working on these next few weeks.  How about you? Are there any unhealthy habits you want to work on in the next three weeks?