Isaac is 30 months         Miriam is 13 months

We did not have “official Tot School” this week . . . instead we had some intense “Life School”  ;-)  We have been working with Isaac now for a while with potty training and I decided it was time to step it up a notch . . . “deep sigh” . . . so Monday evening we got “Puppy Dog”, put  “big boy underwear” on him and checked to see if he was dry.  Then Tuesday morning we checked again, and Yup, puppy dog was still dry,  Isaac was not.  So Isaac got to wear big boy underwear this week, so he could really feel the difference between wet and dry.  We are putting the emphasis on staying “dry and clean” instead of asking him if he is wet or dirty.  Isaac and I had a lot of time just hanging out, watching a little extra TV, eating lots of crackers and drinking lots of water, and trying to stay clean and dry :-) 

The circle and square stickers are for Isaac being dry when I checked him.  The Diego stickers (his favorite!) are for when he actually used the potty.  Aaron had gone to Boston for a preaching conference at the end of the week, so my mom came down and hung out with me and the kids.  I had a few appointments on the two days she was here, so she took over most of the potty training while I was out and about.  We both came to the conclusion that he’s close, but it’s not quite clicking yet . . .you know what I mean?  So we will keep our routine times during the day of going to the potty, and I will be keeping him in diapers instead of the big boy underwear . . .fewer messes for me to clean up that way.




This week I tried to finish up my Board for Circle Time!! I am almost done!  It has our calendar, days of the week, number/shape of the week and letter of the week.  Also we have the color of the day and our week’s memory verse!! The last thing to go up on it is our memory verse cards!!!  Hopefully I will get that done this week.  I am having a little problem printing them because the only computer hooked up to a printer is the Mac, and the file does not show up correctly.  So I’m hoping to get that figured out soon! 


I also printed off printables and did some planning and organizing for the next 3 weeks!  We will be working on the letters D, E, and F (I love the fish!)  I print everything on card stock and laminate it. I then have each letter in its own hanging file folder along with the planning sheet I used.  This way when we go through it again (with Miriam next time!)  I already have the foundational materials and I can add to it if I feel the need (or just find some fun stuff to go along with it!)


We have been using the Letter of the Week Curriculum by Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler!  All of these printables are from this curriculum.

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