Isaac is 30 months

Miriam is 13 months

This week I felt like we did not accomplish much at all in the way of Tot School.  It was another unexpectedly crazy week with a follow-up doctor appointment for the kids on Monday, (Isaac’s pneumonia is cleared up and so is Miriam’s ear infection!! Praise the Lord!)  an all day event preparing a meal for our Wednesday night fellowship and prayer, and then my parents came in for a visit at the end of the week!  As I look back through the pictures for this week though, I see that we actually did quite a bit!! 

Play-doh Fun


I brought out the play-doh a few times this week.  My initial thought here was to review the letters A B and C.  So I got out three colors and the three appropriate letter mats . . .but Isaac of course had other ideas ;-)


Here he is taking his play-doh and trying to get it to fit in the hole.


On a separate day I brought out the letter A and here he is trying to make it himself!! 



Sorting Pom-Poms


This was one of Isaac’s favorite games this week! He asked to play it a few times and couldn’t wait to get his hands on it!  I used a package of colored pom-poms from the Dollar Tree and I had these fun tumblers that we had gotten from Wal-Mart.  Isaac then sorted them by color.


And when he was tired of matching up the colored pom-pom to the correct color tumbler, he stacked the cups and stuffed as many pom-poms in a cup as he could ;-)



Miss Miriam


Miriam did a little reading this week ;-)


And played with some flashcards.  (Her facial expressions absolutely crack me up!!)


We looked at her fun book blocks.  This one is all about shapes.


And she enjoyed her Leap Frog Musical table! 


Using our New Easel!! 


A few posts ago I shared how we got a great deal on this extremely nice, well-built easel!!  We have had such a great time with it this week!


Isaac has loved playing with it.  I have made shapes and letters out of magnets and he has loved just putting magnets up on the board!


Everyday Items


I got the idea for this from another Tot School mom, Morgan at Psalm 127:3.  She used an oatmeal container, wrapped it in scrapbook paper, and cut shapes in the lid to use as a shape sorter.  This got my mind rolling . . . I had everything but the foam shapes, so in my lid I cut holes and then we used pipe cleaners!  (Then Isaac decided to put his pom-poms on the lid too)  So I am going to be saving my lids from now on and using this container for different activities!  (My next one will be a big hold for Miriam to drop pom-poms or cotton balls down through!)



I have had my eye on the Melissa and Doug block train for a little while now.  A few months ago, we went to a consignment store and they had it for $5!! I was so excited!  Isaac loves choo-choos and this is our first toy with blocks like this!





Lacing or Not ;-)


Isaac wasn’t too interested in the lacing animals.  He just wanted to look at the box. :)

Eating Our Numbers 


I found this fun poster at the Dollar Tree a while back.  I hadn’t used it in a while and brought it out this week.

DSCF7861We placed apples jacks on each picture to help us count.  (Isaac could not eat them until we were all finished.  Such a mean mommy I am.  At least it kept him on task.  Although he was not real happy about it as you will see later ;-)

  DSCF7869Then sister got in on the action and helped Isaac eat the cereal. 


Just a Little Reading


I am so glad he likes books!!

Shape Sort


I had pulled these shape sort cards out and laid them on the table.  I turned my back and Isaac got them out of the bag and started matching them up on his own! 

(These printables are from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler)



Mom’s Favorite :-)



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