I can hardly believe it that our little boy has turned two years old! I know everyone says it, and I say it alot, but time has absolutely flown by!! It just seems like yesterday when we brough him home from the hospital. I can remember the unbelievable exhaustion of those first few weeks, wondering if I would ever sleep again and if my mind would ever come out of the fog. Feeling such joy at being a mom finally and absolutely terrified all at the same time. Loving every new milestone that he accomplished, from rolling over in those first few months, to crawling and pulling himself up all in the same day, his first beautiful, heart melting smiles, his first Thanksgiving and Christmas, when we had to lower his bed down for the first time, his first solid food, his first shots, my shock when the pediatrician told us at his 6 month check-up to start introducing the sippy cup. His first 2 teeth at the age

of 8 months. First words: Bye bye and da da. Walking at 14 months. I have loved every minute of his life. He is such a precious beautiful child. I am so thankful to God that he gave us "laughter". And it was through his birth that God chose for my cancer to be revealed and God brought life to me. This amazing little boy is always smiling, always happy, absolutely loves music, life, and people, books, hats, and pizza. These have been the best two years of my life.