OK, so I never realize how long it has been since I have posted until I take time to look at the date or pics. Miriam is now 6 months and the last pics I posted of her were at like 3 months. Oops. I always think of things that I want to post, while they are happening, but sometimes my days are so busy that when I lay my head on my pillow at night it feels like days since I have gone to sleep instead of hours. I would have loved to have posted about our trip to DC with two couples from the church. My intention was to get back to the room every night and post what we had done that day with some pics. That was at the end of September, and as you can tell I never got around to that. Then we had Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time spending it with family in WV. Again, no pics, no commentary, no nothing. Christmas and New Year's. My thoughts on New Year's Resolutions. Fun pics of the kids in their daily activities. Again....zip, zilch, nada. My other big project is I want to get this year virutally scrapbooked. I think I might have about 2 events out of 200 done. Always my intentions are good, but somehow, life just gets me carried away with other things. Some things not so important, but then other things that are the most important. Making sure my babies have something to eat: breakfast, lunch, supper. Keeping them clean and in fresh diapers reguarly. Lots of hugs and kisses, reading our favorite books, walks to the park, playtime in the living room, and picking up all the toys in the living room at least 3 times a day. Kissing away all the hurts and bruises. Trying to find teachable moments all throughout the day to learn our numbers, colors, shapes, body parts, and new words. Lots and lots of laundry to keep my family clean and smelling nice. Being a listening ear for my husband when he comes home in the evening. Doing my best to create a home that is peaceful and restful. A place where my husband and children can re-energize and feel comfortable. I think all this and so much more goes into making up the definition of a homemaker. I will be the first one to admit that I am far from figuering it all out and continually have to remind myself what is important, and the true reason why I am a stay at home mom instead of pursuing a career as an accountant. It is not to keep up with cleaning the house or all the other million things that are so temporary. I am investing in eternity. I am serving those that God has blessed me with. So at the end of my life I can say that I focussed on those things that have a lasting impact instead of focussing on those things that will just fade away.