As time goes on, important days to honor my family seems to become more important to me. Through the craziness of life, it is easy to forget how special they are to us and we neglect to let them know how much we love them. That is what makes certain holidays so great. They are not just another day of the year, but a time for us to slow up a bit and reflect on our life and the blessings we've been given. More and more I love giving gifts. I love to think things through and really give to someone something that is thoughtful and something they will truly enjoy. This past week, I knew that Valentine's Day was coming up. I had no idea what to get my hubby, until I went into our local grocery store and saw one of the coolest bouquets I have ever seen! It was a candy bar bouquet!!! It is absolutely perfect for Aaron, but he always has a "secret stash" of candy that he munches on while he is studying. He has such a sweet tooth! I think I had as much fun giving it to him as he had receiving it! I am thankful for my wonderful husband and so grateful that the Lord has granted us 6 great years together and anticipating many more!