It is a snowy Sunday evening and we are relaxing at home. The evening service was cancelled because of the severe weather that was predicted in the late afternoon. So one of the youth came over and spent the day with us and we played games and started putting a puzzle together. The weather didn't quite turn out how the news predicted, but then that is not unusual. But the fact that we actually are getting some snow and it is sticking to the road is a little surprising. I can't wait for tomorrow morning to see how much snow we actually get! So for tonight, we are staying inside where it is warm and just taking it easy. I thought I would add some more pictures of Isaac and also an excert from a devotional that I had read the other morning that particuarly touched me.

Isaac will figure out one way or another to get things done. With this particular toy he figured out that he could use his mouth to push the button down and it will make the balls spin around. It is one of the funniest things to watch. I have since shown him that he can use his hand to press the button down, but I think he still prefers to use his mouth!!

Here is another of his favorite toys. It has gears that are connected to one another and when you press the button they all move and it plays a little song. Well, at this point he just likes to pull the gears off and throw them behind him as fast as mom can put them back on :)

He got ahold of the swiffer one morning while I was cleaning and decided to do a little cleaning himself. Every time I have it out he always wants to get ahold of it. I just hope he still wants to use it when he gets older!

Here he is with Papaw and Mamie. They came in for a week during his birthday and got him the spiffy little suit he has on.

He looks so cute and cuddly in this pic with his little snow suit on :)

Isaac's favorite place to head is the kitchen where there is lots of stuff for him to get into! I have a low shelf in a bottom cabinet where I keep some of my cookbooks. This particular day Isaac somehow managed to get my heavy Taste of Home cookbook off of that shelf and it rested on the side of his walker. He was walking around the house with it open on his walker and just smiling great big like he had really accomplished something!

Sometimes he plays in his crib before he actually takes a nap. This particular day he had walked out of his pants and also pulled the mobile apart before he fell asleep. (The mobile is no longer over his bed since he continually played with it and broke it)

My Grace Is Sufficient For Thee

The Lord seems to be wanting to teach me to fully trust in Him. In many of the devotions and Scripture I have read in the past few weeks that has been a recurring theme. In these times of economic instability for our nation as a whole, you wonder how it will all turn out. You see the prices in the grocery store continue to rise, gas prices unstable, etc without seeing much relief. In the midst of this, God is teaching me that He is my provider and that He knows what I need! In these times of instability we can rest fully in the arms of One who does not change and never will! He is the only One that can be fully trusted and relied on and He has our best interest at heart. I was particuarly touched by a devotional I read from Streams in the Desert, compiled by Lettie Cowman and I just wanted to share it with you.

The other evening I was riding home after a heavy day's work. I felt very wearied, and sore depressed, when swiftly, and suddenly as a lightning flash, that text came to me, "My grace is sufficient for thee." ...It seemed to make unbelief so absurd. It was as though some little fish, being very thirsty, was troubled about drinking the river dry, and Father Thames said, "Drink away, little fish, my stream is sufficient for thee." or, it seemed after the seven years of plenty, a mouse feared it might die of famine; and Joseph might say, "Cheer up, little mouse, my granaries are sufficient for thee." Again, I imagined a man away up yonder, in a lofty mountain saying to himself, " I breathe so many cubic feet of air every year, I fear I shall exhaust the oxygen in the atmosphere," but the earth might say, "Breathe away, O man, and fill the lungs ever, my atmosphere is sufficient for thee." Oh, brethren, be great believers! C.H. Spurgeon