I wish I had something creative and witty to say, but I don't. :) I am enjoying a beautiful sunshiney day (we have had a few days of rain without the sun peaking its head out) It is a calm, restful Sunday, Aaron is already back at the church getting things ready for tonight's service and Isaac is taking his LONGer than normal Sunday afternoon nap (He always makes up for all the excitement and attention at church by basically sleeping all afternoon) So I thought while I had a few minutes of quiet I would post some pics and let you all know what we have been up to :)

A few weeks ago Aaron and our youth director, Ryan had the wonderful opportunity to spend a few days with the pastoral staff at Elizabeth City EMC. Aaron shadowed Pastor Max and met with the rest of the staff while Ryan shadowed the Youth Pastor, Nate Williamson. And since it was family, Isaac and I got to tag along! It was wonderful to see Nate, Leah, and Emma and get to spend some time with them. Isaac and Emma hit it off and were so fun to watch together. Leah and I got a small dose of what it might be like to have twins! We had a wonderful visit with family, a fresh look at ministry, and lots of encouragement. We had a little bit of sickness mingled through with me getting sick our last day there, and as we traveled home late Wednesday evening, Isaac had his first experience with the stomach bug. :( That is one thing I could have waited a long time to experience as a mother, your child very sick and not being able to do a thing about it. With me being sick that morning, Aaron was wonderful and did all the dirty work with clean-up and helping Isaac out since I still had a weak stomach. After about three stops along the way, we made it safely home, and Isaac slept peacefully through the night (mom didn't sleep so peacefully, keeping one ear open in case he got sick again) But he was fine the next morning and ate a good breakfast. Thankfully he recovered much quicker than mommy!

Below is a video of Isaac and his cousin Emma.