We have had two doctor visits this week, one for me and the new baby and one for Isaac's first year check up. As I am writing this I am starting to realize that we have not posted anything about this pregnancy on the blog and some of you may not even know we're expecting again! Sorry (I'm ducking my head) Well, the due date is July 21st and the ultrasound showed that the baby is developing wonderfully and it's a little girl!! We are so excited. The time is flying by with this pregnancy. I have been doing wonderful and feeling great. I'm beginning to feel our little girl move around more and so that is in my opinion one of the highlights of being pregnant. Isaac's doctor visit went really well. He gained 4 lbs and grew 3 inches in the last 3 months and the doctor was really pleased with his development. He has officially been off the bottle now for 6 weeks (Hooray!) and eating all table foods (Hooray!) and no longer on formula (HOORAY!! HOORAY!!!) and talking all the time!! In the next day or two I will try and post some pics of our family and hopefully maybe some of the ultrasound pics :)