Yes I know...I am waaaaay behind on getting these up. I have been working these past few months on being more organized and working on my daily routines and so to this point, the house is much cleaner and less cluttered and I am getting wonderful rest. So we are gradually adding in things like blogging back into the week and trying to find the most efficient time to do it. Once things get caught up and organized, they're always much easier to keep up! So that has been my project this past month or so. I think overall it will be a lifetime of learning.

So as I take a few minutes here and there to get you caught up with what's going on, I'm starting off where I left off! Thanksgiving!! We had a wonderful holiday and got to spend it with my family at Grandma's house in WV. My immediate family were all there along with my Uncle Ed and Aunt Loretta's whole immediate family. It had been a few years since there were so many little ones running around....probably since we were that age! We had a wonderful time seeing family for the day and it was fun seeing three diaper bags and baby things around. I think there was a playpen set up in every bedroom and somehow I think just about every little one there still had their reguarly scheduled nap.
Below is my dad with Isaac and little Emma, my cousin Nate and Leah Williamson's little girl.