Hannah Joy

Born 7/18/11

7 lbs and 20 inches


Isn’t she perfect?!?  I know, I know, I’m a little biased.  We are so excited and blessed to welcome this new little bundle to our family!! 


Hannah was brought into this world through by a planned C-Section this past Monday.  (I can’t believe it’s been a week already! In some ways, it seems like one insanely long day, but I will attribute that to lack of sleep ;-) Through God’s grace, everything went smoothly through the surgery.  It was a much better experience than my last C-Section, and I actually got to “hold” her for a few minutes before she left with Daddy and the nurses to get cleaned up and checked out.

Hannah right after birth

While in recovery, Aaron and Hannah got to come back and see me and I was able to start nursing Hannah!  I am so thankful that she started nursing right away!  What a blessing! (huge sigh of relief for this momma!  Miriam didn’t start nursing until almost 48 hours after birth! Couldn’t get her to stay awake long enough to latch on!)  Since things were going so well with Hannah, and I was up and moving around pretty well, and the fact that this wasn’t our first rodeo, our request to go home a day early was granted. 


And can I just say how extremely excited Miriam and Isaac were to have their baby sister Hannah home?!  They absolutely adore her!  Miriam likes to kneel beside her and “talk” to her sister.  I can just imagine all the sister secrets these two are sharing.  ;-)


Isaac loves his little sisters!!  He loves to hold Hannah and give her kisses :-)

Isaac and Hannah

We have also enjoyed having our family in with us this week.  (A definite benefit of having a planned C-Section, everyone can mark it on their calendars ahead of time!)

Grandma (my mom)Hannah and Grandma


Grandpa (my dad)

Hannah and Grandpa


Aunt Hollie (my sister)

Hannah and Hollie

Papaw (Aaron’s dad)DSCF0940


Mammy (Aaron’s mom)


I thought this was too sweet! 


This picture was taking Sunday morning before church.  The kids were ready to go and were watching their Bible songs DVD while waiting on the adults ;-)  The realization hit that we now have 3 kids!  What a blessing!


I thank the Lord for his mercy and care over the past week.  It has been a smooth time of transition for our family and I am so grateful for that! I am healing well from the surgery, even though I still have to remind myself to sit down and take it easy.  (I am so mentally ready to jump back into the swing of things but my body is definitely not ready for that yet!)  We have been so appreciative of all the prayers, meals, and help our family and friends have given us. 


And now I think I will follow Hannah’s example and get a few more minutes of shut-eye before the household wakes up ;-) 

Stay tuned!