Isaac is 37 months

Miriam is 20 months

Well, it’s finally happening . . . I am posting my first Tot School post in um . . .months?!  We have still been doing a very informal Tot School, because after all, every day we are learning and talking about colors, shapes, our alphabet etc.  You just haven’t seen it b/c I’ve been napping instead of blogging.  (Us pregnant ladies can do that ;-)  But this afternoon, I am wide awake so I am going to let you have a sneak peak at a few of the things we have been up to while the blog has been silent. 

Learning Our Colors


Coloring continues to be a favorite around here.  Although I think Miriam enjoys it more than Isaac does ;-)  I am amazed when I look back how quickly Isaac is learning.  Right around Christmas, he started verbally naming all of his colors!  He is doing great at this! 


One fun way we have been working on our colors is through games!  We have a neat game board that has many different games, including Chinese Checkers.  I got Isaac started and he finished matching all the colored marbles. 


We also had fun learning with paper plates and foam letters :) 


We had fun sorting the alphabet by color while also working on letter recognition.


Since this was a new bag of letters, he also had fun poking out the little pieces from the letters.  ;-)  He looks like he is concentrating hard doesn’t he!


We have been enjoying an early spring here, which also means we are getting lots of good use out of our sunroom!  It has officially become the kids playroom since that is where I keep all of their big bulky toys.  This particular day we got another a different Chinese Checkers board that had pegs instead of marbles.  Again, more color matching, but also the extra hand-eye coordination as they had to put the pegs in the holds.  Miriam loved it!



Here’s a cute video of my kiddos in action :)


My Little Bookworms


This bookwormish mommy is so happy that my little ones like books!  They sat here happily, on their on and “read” for quite a while!



Magnet Fun



Mamie and Papaw brought this magnet board and tin of fun magnets down with them on one of their recent trips.  Isaac loves playing with it. 


The tin is filled with letters, numbers, and fun pieces for a farm scene!



Playing with Puzzles


Isaac got some fun new puzzles for his birthday this year.  This train puzzle is still pretty challenging for him, but he brings it to me all the time to help him with it!


We picked these Melissa and Doug puzzles up at a Consignment store also for Isaac’s birthday.  (Gotta love those places!!)  Below Isaac has a buddy helping him out.


At the same time we also picked up this fun Melissa and Doug barn set.  Isaac’s favorite part is to have me build the barn and then he likes to knock it over when I am ALMOST done!



Miriam is stacking the round block to make the silo :)


Isaac working on building a fence for his animals.


An almost completed barn!   While we are putting it together, we also work on our shapes.  I ask Isaac to get me another “triange” for the roof, another “square” for the walls, “circle” for the silo, etc. 



P.E.  ;-)

We are blessed to live in a nice quiet neighborhood that hosts one of the city parks! 


This was Miriam’s first time on the “big” playground.  She marched right up all the steps and went right for the big slide. 






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