Ultrasound Baby 3 7 weeks

Yup . . Baby # 3 is on the way!!  We are extremely excited and I’m still insanely exhausted ;-)  This ultrasound was taken at 7 1/2 weeks and I am now 11 weeks! (I seriously think the time does go faster with each one.  Must have something to do with running around after 2 little ones!)  I am finally past the point of being in shock and disbelief, even though we were ready for number three.  The exhaustion, lack of appetite, horrible gag reflex and clothes that don’t fit anymore help with bringing you to reality ;-) 

So the official due date is July 25th which is 2 days after Miriam’s 2nd birthday!  I mentioned to Aaron that Miriam is now 17 months, which is the age Isaac was when she was born.  He about dropped on the floor saying, Could you imagine if this one was being born now!?!  So we are glad we spaced these two a little farther apart ;-)  Yea, it would have been insane.

But mom and baby are doing great. . and so are daddy and brother and sister :)