Well, I took what you might call an unintentional break from blogging during the Holidays.  ;-)  But I’m  back.  So here’s what I’m working on today that should show up in the next week or so…..

  • December in Review – so the last post I made was about our Thanksgiving and now we are after New Year’s!  I am currently downloading the MANY pictures off my camera as I type this.  We have been so busy I had already forgotten half of what we’ve been up to! 
  • Exciting News – but I’ll tell you all about that soon   ;-)
  • Christmas with Family! – Originally we were going to stay home for the Christmas season, but due to my dear Uncle Charlie passing away, we were with my family for the funeral up close to Christmas time.  It was a hard time but yet a great time getting to see some of my family again. 

So I will leave you with my favorite pic of the season (there are MANY more to come, I promise!)

Here are my ever cute kiddos with my Grandma :)