Isaac is 29 months

Miriam is 11.75 ;) months

This past week (like normal) has been quite a crazy week.  We had VBS at church Sunday evening through Wednesday evening, and then my parents also came in on Friday evening to celebrate Miriam’s first birthday a little early.  We worked on the letter “A” this week, and even though we didn’t get through all the activities I had planned, I can confidently say that Isaac can recognize and and say the sounds of the letter “A”.  I had debated whether to work another week on this letter and at first had decided against it because I knew he had caught on.  As I am now in the middle of another crazy week, where our mornings have been busy doing other things, we will do a few more activities for “A” and start on “B” next week.  (All my printables are ready to go!! Hooray! )  As my husband says, Repetition is learning. . . so we will be doing a little repeat this week ;-)

Foam Bath Letters


We use these weekly, normally a few times a week!  The kids love them! We sort by color, put them in alphabetical order, call out the names of the letters, etc.  When they get a little older, I can call out the name of the letter and they can search for it.  So many things we can do with these!


We Love Magnets!!


Isaac and I worked on using the magnets to form the letter “A”.  I also showed him that the black side was the magnet and it went down on the paper.  He was too cute . . .After that, he would turn the magnet around until he found the black side and then put that side down!  He’s a quick learner!


All printables this week were from Erica’s Letter of the Week Curriculum!

Letter of the Week badge

Playing with Pom-Pom’s

Isaac discovered that there were much more fun ways to use the magnetic Pom-poms than mom had planned on. ;-)


It is a lot more fun to dump them all out, look at the pretty fluffy colors, and use the plastic container as a hat. 


They also make especially good ear-plugs.   


And then if you really want to, you can put them on the page to make a Letter “A”.

Let’s Color 




Coins in a Jar


I got this idea from Nicole, another Tot School mom. I cut a slit in a plastic container lid and we brought out the coin jar I keep on the kitchen counter. 


After a while Isaac decided it was easier to just put them back in the glass jar ;-)



Differing Opinions


I brought out our pocket chart and some matching shape cards. I had made the cards out of a bulletin board border that I got at the Dollar Tree.  The idea was to have Isaac match them up, but he wasn’t real interested in doing that.  I would talk through it with him as I matched them up and he would take them back out of the pocket chart :-P


DSCF6743 I had pulled out this “A” sorting game where you sort the capital letter from the lowercase letter.  As you can tell from the pic, we got through it, but Isaac was wanting to play with the magnets that were sitting on the table ;-)

Have I mentioned how much he loves magnets?


Here he is with his magnets again.  On this particular occasion he preferred the block magnets to the pom-poms.  So we were putting the “squares” inside the “circles” to make the letter “A”.


Even with our crazy schedule this past week I really felt that Isaac learned a lot and we had fun doing it.  My mom, not knowing we had been working on the letter A, asked Isaac on Friday to find the letter A among our fridge magnets.  He immediately found the A and handed it to her.  Love it!

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