We have had alot of activity going on in the last month or so. We have done alot of traveling in a short amount of time. Vacation was the end of May which was a great time visiting family. Soon after that Isaac and I headed to Indian Cave Youth camp for 2 weeks back to back of camps. (Pictures coming soon!) We were home for a week and were faced with a very difficult funeral of a wonderful lady in the church. The beginning of the next week we headed off to Texas for General Conference. I am glad to be back home for a little while! Isaac has faired well through all of it all. He is such a little trooper. I know he is glad to be back home too though! We are looking ahead to the upcoming weeks with VBS just over a week away, Isaac's dedication, my parents moving back to Parkersburg WV, and a Home Missions Project at our church with the Atlantic District Youth.

Isaac has been growing and developing at a much faster rate than I can keep up with. I spent some time today putting away the clothes he has already outgrown, separating the ones he has almost outgrown, and preparing the next size for the laundry!! He is constantly on the move now and he's not even crawling yet! I will lay him on a blanket on the floor and in a matter of minutes he will have roller himself across the room. He has started holding onto everything he can get his hands on, including my hair. We started seriously spoonfeeding this week (now that we are home for an extended period of time) and he is catching on quickly. His newest adventure has been his feet. He is constantly putting his legs up in the air and holding onto his feet with his hands. It is quite adorable. He is still such a happy baby and brings lots of joy and smiles to his mom and dad.